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Part I.  Foreword

A. General Policy

Montana State University Billings has regulations by which its students must abide and procedures by which its organizations function. These regulations are necessary to provide a campus atmosphere conducive to the intellectual and personal development of all students within the University community. 

By enrolling at the University, a student does not surrender any rights; similarly, a registered organization does not give up any of its rights. Both organizations and students have a responsibility to balance these rights by abiding by the rules and regulations of the University. The Student Policies and Procedures Handbook contains policies that affect students and organizations. Within this Handbook and other official University publications are the rules and regulations that govern student and organizational behavior. 

B. Misconduct Authority

The authority to enact and enforce regulations of the University is vested in the Board of Regents. The responsibility for enforcing regulations and imposing penalties is delegated to the Chancellor and any University officials the Chancellor may designate. The Chancellor has drawn a distinction between academic and non-academic misconduct. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Access and Success is the principal agency for the administration of student code compliance and shall implement the student code compliance procedures. The Office of the Provost and Academic Vice Chancellor is the principal agency for the administration of the academic misconduct policies and procedures. All references to the Chancellor of the University or the Vice Chancellor for Student Access and Success shall also be interpreted to include persons designated to act on behalf of these officials.

C. University Name, Document, and Records

The use by any person or organization of the University’s name or any of its registered trademarks in connection with any program, product, or activity without the prior written permission of the Administrative Vice Chancellor, or any unauthorized use of University documents, records, or seal is prohibited.

D. Formulation and Review of Regulations

Any student, faculty, or staff member can recommend revisions, additions, or deletions to the policies contained in this document. Recommendations should be submitted to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Access and Success. A review of this document is completed on an annual basis. 

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