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MSUB announces the Yellowjacket Excellence Program, our commitment to making a college education more affordable for our Montana high school seniors. Qualifying is easy.

Step 1:  Complete an application for admission and be sure to list your current high school GPA. By simply applying to MSUB, you may be eligible for one or more scholarships. We will award while dollars are available, so apply early!

MSUB Excellence Scholarship

If you are a Montana high school senior, we will automatically award you the MSUB Excellence Scholarship based upon your GPA as indicated below.

GPA Range

University Campus Amount*

City College Amount*

3.50 to 4.00


$ 500

3.00 to 3.49


$ 250


Eastern and Central Montana Yellowjacket Scholarships

If you have a 2.75 GPA and are a Montana high school senior from a high school in central or eastern Montana, you may also be eligible for the Eastern Montana or Central Montana Yellowjacket Scholarship.

GPA Range

University Campus Amount*

City College Amount*

2.75 to 4.00


$ 250


Step 2: Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) .

Take advantage of the opportunity to receive federal financial aid by completing the FAFSA to see if you might qualify for grants, loans, or work-study opportunities.  Accept what you want.  Decline what you do not want.

Step 3: Complete the general MSU Billings Scholarship Application to see if you qualify for additional scholarships through the MSUB Foundation.

This process takes less than one hour. Taking the time now might save you money on tuition later!   We would love to award you part of the more than 1.65 million dollars we award to MSUB students each year.  We will start awarding freshmen students beginning December 1.

Step 4: Accept your financial aid and scholarship award offer within 30 days of receipt.

*Prior to disbursement a final high school transcript will be required by August 15 to verify GPA for award eligibility. Awards may also be adjusted based on registration as a City College or University Campus student. 

Questions?  Contact New Student Services at or 406-657-2888.