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TechSmith Relay


What is TechSmith Relay?

Techsmith Relay can capture what's on your computer screen and camera to create captioned presentations. The video produced is HD, and you will be emailed a link to it when it's completed.

Getting an Account

Only faculty and staff can get a Techsmith account to upload presentations. To get an account, email us at Once your account is created, you can use your Net ID to log in to the Techsmith website at

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Profile and Settings

  • To access and save your settings in the Techsmith Relay recorder, you must be logged in with your Net ID. After opening the program you may be prompted to log in, if not, click "Log In" in the upper left.
  • relay recorder login window
  • To set the quality and caption settings of finished recording, pick a profile by clicking "Select a profile.."
  • profile dropdown menu
  • "Captioned" will automatically caption your video when it is uploaded to Techsmith. Automatically captioned videos will take longer to process, so it will take more time for you to receive your link to the video.
  • Click the "Audio" button to select what sound source you would like recorded:
  • audio button
  • This will display a list of audio recording devices that Relay can use. The slider controls the microphone input volume. It can also be set to "Automatic" on the main screen. The "Record System Audio" checkbox will record what's playing back on your computer speakers in addition to your microphone.
  • select audio device window
  • To record video from a camera to go with your screen recording, click "Camera" near the top:
  • camera button
  • Click on the image that goes with your camera:
  • choose camera menu
  • Choose which screen you would like to capture by clicking the Display button near the top or "Select a Display" in the middle:
  • select display menu
  • The blue “test” button can be used to create and play a 10 second test recording to verify it is working as desired.
  • recorder windowreview recording window
  • Hit "Close" in the bottom left to discard the test recording.

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