Infrastructure and Services

TechSmith Relay


What is TechSmith Relay?

Techsmith Relay can capture what's on your computer screen and camera to create captioned presentations. The video produced is HD, and you will be emailed a link to it when it's completed.

Getting an Account

Only faculty and staff can get a Techsmith account to upload presentations. To get an account, email us at Once your account is created, you can use your Net ID to log in to the Techsmith website at

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Recording and Submitting

  1. If you are satisfied with the test, click "rec" to begin recording.
  2. recorder window
  3. A countdown from three will appear, the recording will begin, and the recording controls will display.
  4. recording controls
  5. You can pause and resume using the pause button. If you are done with the recording press the stop button on the right.
  6. When the recording is complete, you can press the play button near the middle to review it.
  7. review recording window
  8. If needed, click the "Trimming" button trim off extra time near the beginning or end.
  9. trimmed recording
  10. You can use the left trim marker button to set the beginning of the recording and the right marker for the end. It will place the marker at the exact point you are while playing back the recording. The red segments will be trimmed off of the final presentation.
  11. Click Submit to upload your video to Techsmith for processing.
  12. connecting to server windowsubmission received confirmation
  13. To check the status of your presentation, log in to the Techsmith site, go to Presentations and click Presentation list.
  14. Presentation List link in Presentations menupresentation status page
  15. The Status column on the right shows each processing step. When all tasks show "Processed" Techsmith will send your video link to your MSUB email.
  16. emailed link to recording
  17. If you chose the Captioned profile, you may receive a email that shows it is "held for captioning". The link will take you to review and/or edit the captions. Read more about captioning here.
  18. emailed link to caption review