Desire2Learn Student Help

  • Accessing D2Lhelp menu open section button

    • From the MSU-Billings Homepage (, click "Menu". Under "Resources" click "D2L".

      Menu ButtonD2L button

    • On the D2L page, enter your Net ID and password in the bar near the top.

      Login Bar

    • You can view the Net ID and reset the password here.

    • Need more information? Watch the video here on logging in and resetting the password.

  • Getting to Your Courseshelp menu open section button

    • After logging in, you will be on the My Home screen. Your courses will be displayed below, click on the image to access the course.

      daylight course tile with 2 updates

    • If your course does not appear in your list, verify it is on or after the start date for the course. You can look up your course in the Class Schedule.

    • If you just recently registered or were added after the course start date, it may take 24-48 hours for that course to show up in D2L.

    • If your course still doesn't show up, contact Admissions and Records to verify you are registered. If they show you are correctly registered, they may get the issue to e-Learning Support.

  • Trouble Displaying the D2L Pagehelp menu open section button

    • If the D2L page does not display correctly, it may be due to one of the following issues:

      1. Your browser or system is not compatible with D2L, you can check compatibility here. NOTE: Edge, which comes with Windows 10, may work, but is not fully supported. If you see odd behavior in a course, try a different browser to test.

      2. You may have been logged in and inactive for a long time, 3 hours or more. If so, try going back to the main D2L page and logging in.

      3. There may be another issue related to temporary files in your browser

    • Try clearing the temporary files (browsing history) first. On normal desktop/laptop computers you can do this in any browser by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE (for Windows) or Command+Shift+Delete (for Mac). Check the boxes as shown for your browser and press "Clear" or "Delete":

      Clear History in FirefoxClear History in Internet Explorer

      Clear History in Chrome

    • If you still unable to clear the history, or are using a mobile device like an iPad/tablet or smartphone, click here for more details.

    • If you are having trouble viewing parts of a course or opening a specific file type, check here for common web browser plugins and other software.

  • Using D2L Emailhelp menu open section button

    • Your D2L email address will be in the format "". This is not the same as your MSU student email. To access it, click the "Message Alerts" button on the top bar. You can also click "My Tools" or "Course Tools" then "Email".

    • The main inbox screen is similar to most email layouts. To view a message, click on the subject name or the envelope icon. It will display in the "Message Preview" below.

    • If you need to change the email address people reply to, go to "Settings", then put in your alternate email in the Forwarding Options section.

  • Quizzes and Viewing Resultshelp menu open section button

    • To get to a quiz, click Quizzes Button(Quizzes) in the bar near the top, or click on the name of the quiz in the content section.

    • Quizzes will be available during the date shown directly below them. Click the name of the quiz to enter it.

      Quiz List

    • The next screen has a summary displaying the instructions and restrictions. Click Start Quiz Button("Start Quiz!") to begin.

      Quiz Summary Screen

    • Click the Save button in the upper right of each question after it is answered. If your answer is not saved, it won't be counted! If your response is saved, it will turn the disk icon black. The below picture shows question 1 is saved.

      Quiz Questions

    • When you have responded to all questions, click Save All Responses("Save All Responses") then Quiz Submit("Submit").

    • The screen you see next depends on what your instructor set for the quiz. It may not show questions or your score. The below image shows the most common view, score only:

      Quiz Submission Default

    • If you need to return later and check the score, view the questions, or read feedback, return to the Quizzes screen. Click the drop-down arrow next to your quiz and select "Submissions".

      View Submissions Button

    • Click on your the link for your attempt. Usually only one will be listed.

      Quiz Attempts

    • Depending on the settings set by your instructor, the previously submitted quiz may not show questions or answers. The view below shows both. If there is an incorrect response, the correct response will be marked with an arrow.

      Submission with Questions

  • Discussionshelp menu open section button

    • To access all Discussions, click Discussions Button("Discussions") near the top. To access a specific discussion, click on its name in the content area.

      Discussions in Content Area

    • In the main Discussions area, there is a list of topics created by your instructor.

      Main Forum Area

    • Topics can have date restrictions. If a topic is "Available" between certain days, it will only be visible during those times. A topic can be "Unlocked" between certain dates. When it becomes locked, you will not be able to create new posts. If your topic is still available, click its name to enter it.

      Discussions Availability Example

    • Discussions have a tree-type structure, the same as any forum on the Internet. At the highest level is a "Topic", within the topic there are "threads", and within each thread are "posts". This structure is used for readability and will clarify to whom or what your comment is directed. Switching to "Threaded" view in the upper right is recommended and shows the structure:

      Threaded View

    • In most courses, there is usually a thread started by the instructor. In some cases your instructor may ask you to create a new thread by clicking Start New Thread("New Thread").

      Create Thread Screen

    • Press the Post("Post") button to create a thread. That will return you to a list of threads in that topic. In this example, the newly created thread is "Social Issues".

      Thread List

    • To join a discussion, most instructors will have you reply to a thread versus creating a new one. Click Reply to Thread("Reply to Thread") to post to it.

      Reply to Thread Window

    • If you wish to reply to peer's specific post within the thread, click Reply to Post("Reply to Post"). Note that this is a reply to an existing message (in the blue section) and not the whole thread.

      Reply to Post Window

  • Classlisthelp menu open section button

    • The Classlist is used to communicate with others in the course and manage groups. Click the Classlist Classlist Button button to access it.

      Clicking the drop-down next to a person allows you to send them an email and view their groups. To page (chat), check the box next their profile picture and click "page".

      Classlist Window

    • If you have a new page or email message, it will show near the top of the D2L window as an envelope with a red dotNew Alert.

      To view a page, click the envelope and choose "Go To Instant Messages" Go to Instant Messages Button. These are like most instant message windows, it is pictured below:

      Instant Message Window

  • *NEW* Assignmentshelp menu open section button

      From the Content Section:

    • Click the name of the assignment folder. On the next screen choose "Upload".

      assignment folder Upload

    • Navigate to the folder which contains your file, click the file in the list, then "Open". You may also drag-and-drop the file into the area with the dotted lines. If you drag-and-drop, make sure it is a document and not a shortcut or folder.

    • "Oops" error: If you receive a message stating "Oops, your file may not be uploaded" like this: oops error while uploading
      check that the filename does not contain any symbols like "/" or "?". Underscores (_) and dashes (-) are allowed. Rename the file to remove the symbols and retry the upload.

    • Click Submit To assignment folder Button("Submit").

    • You will see a confirmation screen like the one below. A receipt will be emailed to your D2L email address.

      Submission Confirmation

    • From the Assignment Folder List:

    • To get to a list of all available assignment folders, click Assignments Button("Assignments"). A list of assignment folders is displayed with due dates to the right. Depending on your instructor, the folder may be open or closed after the due date. If a folder is "closed" you cannot upload any more submissions.

      assignment Folders Window

    • From there, click the name of the assignment to submit files.

      assignments Submit Files Window

    • It will display instructions for the assignment near the top. Click Add a File Button("Add a File"), then clickUpload Button ("Upload").

      Navigate to the folder which contains your file, click the file in the list, then "Open". You may also drag-and-drop the file into the area with the dotted lines. If you drag-and-drop, make sure it is a document and not a shortcut or folder.

      assignment Upload Window

    • When it is attached you will see it listed under the Upload button.

      assignments File Added

      Click Add Button("Add"). Enter comments, if any, then click Submit Button("Submit"). You will see a confirmation screen like the one below:

      assignment Submission Confirmation

    • You will receive an email confirmation for your submission like the message below. Do not reply to the submission receipt, it is for your records only.

      assignment Email Receipt

    • If you need to view feedback or re-download your submission, return to Assignmentsassignments Button section.

      Feedback, if available, can be viewed by clicking the "View" button on the right. To download your submission, click the number under "Submissions", then click the name of the file. It will offer to "Open" or "Save". Choose "Save" unless you want to view the file one time only.

      assignment Folders with Submissions

    • Although the same screen may show maximum possible points, your grade will not show here. To view it go to the "Grades" section: Grades Link In Navbar

  • Gradeshelp menu open section button

    • To view grades, click the "Grades" link:

      Grades Link In Navbar
    • Here you will see scores for graded assignments. The final grade may or may not be displayed in D2L, it is at the instructor's discretion. The below example shows a final grade.

      Grades Window

  • Calendarhelp menu open section button

    • The Calendar is on the right side of your course homepage and My Home screen. To view events for a specific day, click it in the month window. If you are within one of your courses, it will show you automatic reminders for upcoming assignment due dates, module/discussion availability dates, and other timed events in the course.

      Calendar With Reminder

    • To enter the main Calendar area, click "Calendar" or choose "Go To Calendar" with the down arrow to the right.

      Go To Calendar Button

    • In the full calendar, you'll see view buttons at the top for different time periods. Due dates are in light blue, unit or discussion availability changes are in light green. The colors can be customized in settings.

      Calendar Main Window

    • You can create a list of tasks by typing them into the "Add A Task" area on the right. Although they can have dates specified, the tasks you create will not show under a specific day in the calendar. They will only show in the "Tasks" area.