Zach Peevey

New Student Specialist

Hometown: Houston, TX

Alma Mater: University of Montana

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

What do you love about Montana?

I love that you can be anywhere in the state and be within a 10 minute drive from a lake, river, hiking trail, or fishing access. Our public land is something that we do not take for granted in Montana. We are so lucky to have these beautiful places to explore and enjoy whenever we need to get away.

My best advice to future Yellowjackets would be:

Utilize the help that is in place for you. There are so many services dedicated to student success that are out there at your disposal. Ask questions, try something new, and/or get involved in things that interest you. You will get out what you put into anything in life, especially your education.

Favorite place to hang out in Billings?

I love the wide range of coffee shops and other local restaurants that Billings has to offer. The Burger Dive downtown has an amazingly delicious menu to choose from if you are in the mood for a burger.  I also enjoy how many golf courses there are in Billings. I have not played them all, but I've had a great time at the ones I've been to. 

What do you love most about MSU Billings?

I love how friendly everyone is on campus. The community here on campus is full of people that go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and at home.

I would like more information about the University or City College.

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Phone: 406.657-2886

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