Daniel Funderhide

Enrollment Services Counselor

Hometown: Billings, MT

Geographic area of responsibility: Billings, MT and Surrounding Area

Degree: History

University or College which degree is from: Montana State University Billings

What do you love about Montana?

I love the sheer natural beauty of it; it is refreshing and rejuvenating to get out in nature and breathe the fresh, mountain air.  Montana is geographically large and small as far as population, so you can always find a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts, and to and recharge.

My best advice to future Yellowjackets would be:

Get involved on campus.  College is a time to explore and reinvent yourself, if you wish, and getting involved in activities and organizations can be a big part of that process.  It goes by quickly, but many of the connections you make and activities you engage in can stay with you for life.  There are groups for almost anything that piques your interest, and there are opportunities to form your own.

Favorite place to hang out in Billings?

I love spending time at Riverfront Park.  It is a great place to sit and read while enjoying the scenery and wildlife, or take the many trails and paths to explore.  It is a slice of wilderness in the middle of town; when you are there, you tend to forget you are still in Billings.

 What do you love most about MSU Billings/City College?

The professors at both MSU Billings campuses are always very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating in my experience.  They are masters of their fields, so take advantage of their knowledge and experience; they want you to succeed.  The low student to faculty ratio also means that they are able to give students more personal attention than they might receive at some larger institutions.  The professors in my program were amazing.

I would like more information about the University or City College.


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