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Job Title: Graduate Research Assistant for M.Ed. and MSSE Degrees
Listing Created/Updated: 10/23/2018 College: College of Education
Semester/Academic Year: spring 2019 Dept/Area: Education, Theory and Practice
Hours: 19/Week Stipend: $2500/semester
FTE: Funding: Graduate Studies Office
Tuition: up to $1980/semester  
Contact: Dr. Cindy Dell Office: COE 230
Email: Phone: 406-657-1614
Job Description:
A graduate research assistantship is generally a part-time formal appointment. It requires completion of specific duties commensurate with the percentage appointment of 19 hours/week. The appointment is associated with research and requires the following responsibilities: 1. To complete a designed program of research under the supervision of a designated supervisor/major professor; 2. To be able to work on and contribute to collaborative research items; 3. To complete a thesis proposal with appropriate supervisory assistance; 4. To perform the following major duties that include but are not limited to: reading and comprehending reports and other scientific literature; conducting data analysis and computations; harvesting of field and/or laboratory samples; writing research reports based upon data results; and presenting data at conferences, scientific symposiums and professional society meetings with faculty; attending department and accreditation meetings; participating on the COE Student Advisory Board; 5. Other assistance with research duties as assigned by department professors.
Job Qualifications:
*Admitted to MSU Billings' College of Education in an M.Ed. or MSSE program; *Knowledge of COE teacher preparations program; *Strong oral and written communication skills; *Ability to relate to people in a helpful, positive manner; *Analyzes situations and uses problem-solving skills; *Detail oriented and able to handle multiple tasks; *Ability to conduct research specific to the project; *Some knowledge of data collections would be helpful; *Effective organizational skills; *Works efficiently with little supervision; *Self-Motivated and shows initiative; *Develops timeliness and meets deadlines; *Technological capabilities (i.e.web, research, data analysis); *Experience with word processing, MS Access and Excel essential; knowledge of PowerPoint and desktop publishing desirable.
Special Conditions:
This position will be open to graduate students pursuing their masters' degree in the College of Educations many graduate programs at MSUB.

Job Title: Teaching Assistant
Listing Created/Updated: 10/23/2018 College: College of Arts & Sciences
Semester/Academic Year: spring 2019 Dept/Area: Communication & Theatre
Hours: up to 19hrs/week Stipend: $2500/semester
FTE: Funding: Graduate Studies Office
Tuition: $1980/semester  
Contact: Melinda Tilton Office: LA 605
Email: Phone: 406-657-2178
Job Description:
Support faculty with undergraduate communication courses. Tasks include grading (25%), occasional lecturing (25%), meeting with and emailing students (25%), and other duties (25%).
Job Qualifications:
Graduate student currently enrolled in communication master's program.
Special Conditions: