Information Technology

Special Events Request for IT Services

This request is NOT meant to replace normal classrooom assignment. It is ONLY for special events that need IT services. If there is no need for Internet access, or access to our software there is NO NEED To continue.

IT needs a minimum of 1 week lead time to ensure that the Student Help Desk has an opportunity to ensure your room and equipment is ready.

The need for a minimum of one week is critical; often classrooms are in use, and we must schedule the installation around that. We also have to factor in the amount of time it takes to install on multiple machines.

This is for City College
Requestor Name:
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Sponsor/Presentor Information:
Number of People Expected to Attend:
Location/Classroom Assigned:
Please List Software Application(s) needed:
(i.e., Office 2010, Quickbooks, etc.)
Software Provided By:
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