Diversity Center

Meet Our Peer Mentor Team


Ivan Colmenero – Peer Mentor

Ivan is a Spanish Education Major with a Minor in American History. Upon graduation he is looking into teaching or other possibilities. He has four siblings and his family lives in Mexico. He likes being a peer mentor because it is interesting and exciting work. An interesting fact about Ivan is that he can speak two languages.




Sarah Khan – Peer Mentor

Sarah is a Pre-Med and Biology Major. After MSU Billings, she plans to go to medical school and then Pediatrics. She is the eldest of three siblings. Sarah enjoys working at the Diversity Center because she gets to meet many different and fun people. An interesting fact about Sarah is that she was born in Kuwait.



Jeremiah Garneau – Graduate Student Coordinator

Jeremiah is a Graduate Student in the Psychology Program at MSU Billings. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Education at MSU-Bozeman. After graduation, he plans to apply to other schools to pursue a PhD in Psychology. He has one younger brother who also attends MSU Billings in the Elementary Education program. Jeremiah enjoys working in the Diversity Center because he values higher education and wants to see people succeed in their college experiences. Something interesting about Jeremiah is that he can do a backflip, and he used to be a cheerleader during his Undergraduate Degree at MSU–Bozeman.


Abenayaa Lane – Peer Mentor

Abenayaa is Sociology and Criminal Justice Major. After MSU Billings, she would like to work as a Criminal Rights investigator at the ACLU.


Synda Boumediene – Peer Mentor

Synda is a Major in both Biology and Math, with a Minor in Physics. After MSU-Billings, she would like to go into Nuclear Medicine. Both of her parents teach and MSU-Billings. She has one younger sister who attends High School in Billings. She enjoys working at the Diversity Center because she likes connecting with people and being there if they need help or information. Outside of work and school, Synda enjoys horse riding, soccer, ballet, gymnastics, reading, drawing, writing, and video games. She is also involved in UHP, the Lead Program, Drama Club, Cheerleading, International club, and Math club.


The Peer Mentor Team