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Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program is designed to connect successful MSUB students as guides to new freshman and transfer students to foster a positive, meaningful, and successful experience in and out of the classroom.


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Transition Connection

Peer mentors have all been a student at MSUB so they have the knowledge about processes, who to ask for help, and experience on succeeding here.


Social Connection

Being in a new environment can be difficult and exciting at the same time.  Peer mentors can help you feel connected and encourage you to participate in all the opportunities campus life offers to connect with other students. 


Academic Advocacy

Experiencing success in the classroom is so important to reaching your graduation and future career goals.  College is much different than high school and each campus is unique so getting tips on what works for organization, tutoring, and overall success is important.  Peer mentors have found what works for them and can share those tips with you.


Answering Questions

You may not know who the right person is for all of your different questions and that’s okay!  It is most important that you as someone and they can help get you on your way.  Your peer mentor is a great person to answer your questions so they can offer support and guidance to finding answers.