MSUB Alumni selected as 2016 40 Under Forty

Sammie Rozett

AAS LPN 2010 

registered nurse, Billings Clinic Emergency Department


Sammie Rozette

Sammie Rozett started aiming toward a career in health care when she was 14 years old. After spending her summers working at the Charles Campbell Children’s Camp, Rozett showed an interest in working with kids with disabilities. But first she needed training.


“I wanted to work with those kids, so I got my certified nursing assistant certification and started from there,” Rozett said.


After high school, Rozett put her CNA certification to work at Billings Clinic. Thus began her climb up the career ladder to her current position as a registered nurse in the Billings Clinic Emergency Department.


“The ER is my other family,” Rozett said. “They supported me through all of my steps. They’re pretty amazing down there.”


Rozett felt like she found a home after she was certified as an emergency medical technician and started working in the ER.


“I then started at City College to get my LPN (licensed practical nurse) then I transferred to the University of Mary to get my BSN (bachelor’s of nursing) degree. It was a long journey, but I was lucky enough to have my family, as well as my Billings Clinic family, on my side to accomplish my goals. I decided that the Emergency Department is where I want to be, and I have had nothing but amazing experience learning and growing as a new nurse.”


Working in the ER is less dramatic that what you see on TV. “There are definitely some crazy moments where there’s some intense stuff going on. But you don’t see a lot of people running down the halls,” Rozett said.


Teamwork is also important.


“You can’t function unless you have other people helping you,” she said. “There’s no way you could do everything by yourself. You need patient care technicians, doctors, physician assistants and the residents. A lot of times you need multiple people working on one person.”


Car crashes and broken wrists from slips on ice all add to the workload this time of year.


What’s the biggest challenge you face in your job? The biggest challenge I faced was changing roles from a patient care technician to an RN. The responsibility for my patients has changed drastically, and my education and focus is essential to keep my patients safe. As a PCT, there were many skills required to perform my job, now critical thinking has taken over and the skills I could do in my sleep are still there, but I have had to change my thought process and priorities as an RN.


What’s the best business advice you have received? Squirrels hide nuts.


Who gave you that advice? Lisa Stevens and Dennis Nemitz.


Here’s what I’d like to do to improve my community: Working in the Emergency Department at age 19 really made me open my eyes to what actually is going on in our community. The amount of alcohol abuse is astronomical. Unfortunately, we do not have the proper places for these people to go. The Community Crisis Center helps us out so much, but I would like to see a facility to relieve our hospitals of being not only nurses, but babysitters as well.


Outside of work, my biggest passion is: Music. I have no musical talent other than singing in the shower. But I appreciate those around me who share their gift. I love that the music scene is growing in Billings and I try to make it out to support those who support my happiness with their talent and gift for music.


Which living person do you most admire? My mother, Sandie Rozett, has always been there through thick and thin. This past year has been particularly hard with the passing of her mother, Grace Watson.


Aside from profit and loss, how do you measure success in your job? The reason I am a nurse is not only to take care of my patients, but to learn and grow to recognize and treat my patients successfully. At the end of a 12-hour shift, I feel complete by going home and knowing that I did all that I could do for my patients and co-workers.


What do you consider your greatest achievement? Getting through nursing school and passing the National Council Licensure Examination so I could finally work as an RN. I had many challenges throughout nursing school, and preparing for my nursing boards, but I had wonderful support. And my Billings Clinic family was there for me whenever I needed.


I'm happiest when...I'm with family and friends.


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Article & Photo credits: Billings Gazette


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