Student Organization Travel


Registered Student Organizations are allowed to travel as part of an organization-related trip anywhere off-campus. Please submit the forms below no fewer than 10 days prior to the travel date. This is for DOMESTIC travel only.

Steps for Successful Travel

  1. Ensure your group has plenty of time to plan the trip and complete required paperwork. We recommend starting the planning process at least 4 weeks prior to departure.
  2. Talk with your student organization adviser about the trip.
  3. Visit with the Student Engagement Coordinator (SUB 219) to ensure all pre-trip planning is underway.
  4. Complete the required forms for travel, found below or in the Student Union & University Events office (SUB 219).
  5. Plan out transportation, food, and lodging. Determine if any of these costs will be covered by the student organization.
  6. After travel, submit all original receipts related to the travel to the Student Union & University Events office (SUB 219) for reimbursement.

Travel Forms

Student Travel Authorization Form -  This form is necessary to inform the University where you are traveling, who is traveling, and how you can be reached in case of an emergency. This should be filled out by the trip coordinator or organizer. Only one of these needs to be submitted per trip. Please submit this form at least 14 days prior to departure. 


Assumption of Risk Form - It is recommended that participants in off-campus activities should sign a general assumption of risk form. Even though this agreement may not prevent the University from being found negligent, we will at least be cautioning the participants of potential danger so that they will maintain personal responsibility. For examples of hold harmless agreements, please contact the Student Union and University Events Office. 


Travel Verification Letters

The Student Union & Events Office can provide a letter verifying your registered student organization travel which can be supplied to faculty if organized travel conflicts with academic obligations. Please visit SUB 219 or email to request this letter.


Personal Vehicle Use

Student drivers should be informed that if they choose to drive their own cars for a University-sponsored activity, an accident would not be covered by State insurance. All policies and registering club travel still applies. We do not encourage using students as drivers for off-campus activities, but if there are no university employees available, the State insurance will cover students when driving a State car. 


Spending Club Funds

If your student group plans to spend money on this trip (i.e. meals, gas, fees), please visit the Student Union & University Events Office so that these can arranged in advance if time allows. If a staff or faculty member is traveling with the student group, they may use a purchasing card for all purchases related to the trip, which can later be billed to the student group's account. All original receipts must be submitted at the end of the trip to the Student Union & University Events Office.


If purchases are made with a student's personal finances and the student would like to be reimbursed, submit all original receipts to the Student Union & University Events Office. Reimbursements will be deducted from the club's account and may take a few weeks to process.


If your student group would like to apply for additional funding for an upcoming trip, use this ASMSUB Contingency Funds Request Form.



The University has arrangements with a number of car/van rental companies. If you would like more information on how to rent vehicles for a trip your organization is planning, please inquire at the Student Union & University Events Office. 


It is against University Policy to rent 15 passenger vans. Driving vans of this size increases safety concerns, we can assist you in making arrangements for smaller vehicles.