Student Organization FAQ

How do I register a student organization?
Student organizations must register at the beginning of each academic year in order to be considered active.  Registration forms should be filled out by the first week of October. Registered student organizations qualify for resources and materials. The online registration form can be found here.
How do I start a new student organization?
Can't find a particular student group on campus? Don't fret! Starting a new student organization can seem very intimidating, but in reality it is a very simple process and the Student Union and Activities Office is ready and waiting to help.  For detailed information about starting a new student organization, visit this page.
How does my organization spend money?
Each year, student organizations must complete financial paperwork in order to use their account and spend their funds. If an organization does not have an account, one may be established. For assistance, visit the Student Union & University Events Office, SUB 219.
Student Organizations are assigned an index number in which the Business Office uses to charge and recharge an organization's account. This number can be used to make purchases on campus. 
Student Organizations can order and purchase items off campus, using Banner Payment Authorizations (BPAs) or Credit Card Purchases, through the Student Union & University Events Office, SUB 219.
All student organizations need to have at least two (2) Fund Controllers who are responsible for accessing the group's account. One of the Fund Controllers must be an adviser (faculty or staff of MSUB). In order for an organization to access its account, two Fund Controller signatures are required.
How does my organization deposit money?
Your student organization must bring their deposits to the Student Union & University Events Office (SUB 219). A deposit envelope will be completed with all of the required information.
How do I find a staff or faculty advisor for my student organization?
Advisors play an immense role in your student organization's success. If your student organization is academic-based, consider looking within the departments that align with the group's interests. If you have some strong connections to professors or staff already, find out if they'd be interested in serving as your advisor. Contact the Student Union & University Events Office, SUB 219, if you'd like help in your search for an advisor. Also check out our resource guide for student organization advisors here.
My student organization is looking to travel soon. What do we need to know?
If your student organization is taking any trip outside the city limits a Group Travel Authorization Formmust be completed and turned into the Student Union & University Events Office (SUB 219). This form is necessary to inform the University where you are traveling, who is traveling, and how you can be reached in case of an emergency.
How can we recruit new members for our student organization?
There are many ways to spread word about your student group on campus. Consider trying any of the following:
  • Print posters/flyers
  • Table around campus
  • Schedule a meet and greet or interest meeting for people to learn more
  • Provide food at meetings
  • Make an announcement in class
  • Encourage members to bring a friend
  • Create a Facebook page and keep it active with updates
How can we advertise for our student organization?
 Student Organizations can advertise their group or their group's events and activities in a variety of ways on campus.
  • Posters can be placed on bulletin boards within buildings around campus. Please see our posting policy for more information and how to get posters approved.
  • Send a digital image/slide to the Student Engagement Coordinator or so it can be uploaded to the various tv monitors around campus.
  • For events and/or meetings, submit the event details to the Master Calendar.
  • Set up an informational table in an area of campus that gets the most traffic. Visit the Student Union & University Events Office (SUB 219) to reserve a space. 
How do we reserve space for meetings, tabling, or events?
You can:
What is Club Connection?
Club Connection is a group of MSUB & City College student leaders and staff who are working on increasing student engagement on campus. The group meets bi-weekly to brainstorm new ideas, share suggestions for collaboration, and discuss how to better serve the campus community. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings and participate in Club Connection's activities.  To find out more about Club Connection, visit their Facebook group page or contact the Student Engagement Coordinator.