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Staff Appreciation Awards: MSU Billings Honors Outstanding Staff!

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Mo Casey, Jackie Ellsbury, Jared Kerr and JoAnn Rhodes were recognized with the Support Staff Excellence Awards at the 2017-2018 Staff Appreciation Awards. Kimberly Kost was presented with the Administrative/Professional Staff Excellence Award while Kelsi Gambill received the Community Service Staff Excellence Award. 


Staff members were also recognized for their 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25- and 30-year contributions to the university. For 5 years of service, Nicholas Barfield, April Buscher, Ken Chouinard, Paul Cook, Tiffany Ann Costa, Jackie Ellsbury, Dr. Paul Foster, Laura Gittings-Carlson, Derrick MacAskill, Karen Mikelson, Kevin Nemeth, Mickey Potts, JoAnn Rhodes, Jody Stahl, Brett Weisz, Traci Wolff, Makiko Yamashita-Hunt and Rene Rosell Yarbrough were recognized. Cindy Bell, Patrick Cassidy, Brandon Gatlin, Dean Hanson, Connie Nelson, Carla Tilton and Jessica Torgerson-Lundin were recognized for 10 years of service; Jessica Baker, Adam Davis, Terri Kelly, Janice Ouldhouse, Kristin Peterman and Janet Simon were recognized for 15 years of service. Annette Barber, Dr. Michael Barber, Kelli Grantham, Mike Morgan, Debra Miller, and Michelle Watson were recognized for their contributions as staff for two decades. Troy Moore and Brenda Brakke were recognized for 25 and 30 years of service, respectfully. 


For more information about Staff Appreciation Awards and about the Recipients click here.


 Staff Learn about Professional Resiliency & Whole-Hearted Living at Staff Professional Development Workshops


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   We want to thank those of you who were able to participate in the professional development workshops with Wendy Samson of FutureSYNC on May 9th. We had a great time learning together!    









Featured Staff Senator: Betty Erickson

Betty Erickson, an Academic Advisor and Career Specialist, began working at MSU Billings in the fall of 1994.  Since starting at MSU Billings, she has worked in the College of Education, Dean’s office; Disability Support Services; the Academic Support Center; and the Department of Music.  Her diverse experience and longevity has broadened her knowledge and understanding of the campus history and environment.  “Working with students, provides many opportunities to empower, encourage and celebrate. I am so thankful to be a part of the MSU Billings family.” Betty will no longer be serving on Staff Senate. We want to thank Betty for her years of service!      


Featured Staff Senator: Karen Mickelson

Karen started working at MSU Billings in February 2013.  When she first started she was a custodian in Petro Hall.  She really enjoyed getting to know the students and their stories.  Karen became an administrative associate for the Rehabilitation and Human Services department and the Health Administration program in November 2014 and hasn’t looked back.  “I work with a great group of people, which makes all the difference.  I love to come to work each day!”

Karen is happily married to Dean, the mother of two fabulous daughters and now two beautiful granddaughters, Millie, age 3 years and Emmaleine, 10 months.  She enjoys walking, usually with her two dogs, Hunter and Lucky.   If you stop by at lunch, you’ll often find Karen engaged in her true passion, knitting. 





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