Student Support Services

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Campus Resources


Academic Support Center (Academic services & tutoring)

Admissions & Records (General Information on policies and requirements. Also college records and transcripts)

Advising & Career Services (Assists with new, transfer, and returning students at MSUB. Assists MSUB students with finding jobs, internship, and starting their career after college.)

ASMSUB (Student senate)

Be Money Smart - Financial Education Success Specialist (providing financial education services and resources to assist students of diverse ages and backgrounds in achieving their financial, academic, career, and life goals)

Business Services (For information about campus forms, general information, student account information, travel, accounts payable, printing and mailing services, purchasing, cash management, policies and procedure, and staff training)

Campus Attorney (For student legal services)

Campus Bookstore (Lists required textbooks for courses and has other supplies and snacks on hand)

Campus Police (Parking permits and tickets, as well as general legal issues and escorts to vehicles)

Dean of Students (General wellness and safety for students and faculty/staff)

Disability Support Services (Assists students with disabilities)

Diversity Center (Promotes a diverse and inclusive campus so students/faculty/staff/alumni feel connected, respected and valued)


Financial Aid & Scholarships(Assists students with student loans, work study, scholarships and grants)

Financial Services (Assists students with paying bills and getting refunds)

Information Technology (Assists students with computer and technology issues)

Library (Provides help with research, finding materials, and gives students a quiet place to study)


Native American Achievement Center (Recruits and retains American Indian students; providing academic, social and emotional support to help American Indian students connect and be successful at MSUB)

Office of Community Involvement (Connects students with the community though resources, service and educational opportunities)

Phoenix Center (24 hour help line, strives to create a safe campus free of oppression and gender biases)

Student Health Services (On campus health care and mental services - available to students enrolled in 7 or more credits)

Student Resolution Officer (Assists students with academic and non-academic questions and concerns)

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs (Provides support for students)



FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Apply for student loans, Pell grants, work study funds here at the official site.


National Student Loan Data System
Retrieve your student loan information here.


Making College Affordable: An online guide for Hispanic students


Federal TRIO Homepage


Community Resources


Center for Children and Families - 406.294.5090

Promotes safety, permanency, and well-being of children while strengthening families.


Community Crisis Center - 406.259.8800

Provides personalized services designed to meet the needs of every patient.


Dress for Success - 406.256.7304
Empowers people to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help people thrive in work and in life.


Family Services, Inc. - 406.259.2269

Helps families meet basic needs with food and clothing distribution and rent/utility assistance.


Family Tree Center - 406.252.9779
To support, strengthen and educate children and families in ways that enhance their growth and well-being: to stop the hurt before it happens.


Housing Authority - 406.245.6391
Helps families and individuals with low incomes to achieve greater stability and self-reliance by providing safe, affordable, quality housing and links to the community.


HRDC - 406.247.4700

Empowers people in need through mobilizing and developing community resources by creating opportunities for success.


Mental Health Center - 406.252.5658

Specialized in promoting all areas of mental wellness, Managing issues of stress, grief, anxiety, depression, chemical dependency and other addictions are just a few of the services offered.


Montana Free File - 1.800.666.6899
"This website is dedicated to helping you learn where to receive free tax assistance and how to get your refund in as little as eight days at no charge."


Montana Rescue Mission - 406.259.3800

Provides emergency, temporary care and rehabilitative services from a distinctly Christian perspective.


Office of Public Access - 406.237.0520
Assists with SNAP, TANF, IEAP, and other government assistance programs.


Planned Parenthood - 406.869.5040

Assists with birth control


Riverstone Health - 406.247.3350

Provides public health to protect safety and well-being. Offers both medical and dental services.


Suicide Prevention Hotline - 1.800.273.TALK

Free 24-hour hotline available  for anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.


Tumbleweed - 406.259.2558

Non-profit, community-based agency which provides services to runaway, homeless, and otherwise at-risk youth and their families.


Billings Vet Center - See Website


Vocational Rehabilitation - See Website

Provides services based on what you need to get and keep a job.


WIC - 406.247.3370

Provides assistance to low or moderate income pregnant women, recently delivered women, breastfeeding women, infants, and children up to age 5 are at nutritional risk.


Women and Family Shelters - 406.259.3105

Shelter for women and children.


YMCA - 406.248.3450

Works to meet the health and human service need of individuals in the community.


YWCA - 406.252.6303

Dedicated to saving and changing lives. Offers affordabe housing that incorporates employment counseling, job training, child care, and other services for women and families.



Free Credit Reports - See Website