Housing & Residential Life

Sustainability Efforts


In support of MSU Billings' efforts to improve its sustainability initiatives across campus, Housing & Residential Life has taken steps to decrease the energy, water and heat usage in our residence halls. Recycling and student awareness campaigns are a priority for our department, knowing that students are the catalyst for success and educational outreach.


Initiatives and Education

  • All residence halls have recycling units on each floor that are equipped to accept aluminum, plastic, and mixed paper. These units are collected twice a week by our community partner EARTH FIRST AID.
  • A partnership between ASMSUB and the residence halls has been created to provide passive programming for students in the halls to better understand how they can reduce energy and waste as members of our global community.
  • As we begin fall semester, information will be provided in each room to remind students how to be sustainable and save energy as well as water and heat throughout the year.
  • Swap tables have been created in some residence hall lobbies at the end of each academic year to provide students a place to put unwanted items so that other students could take those items.
  • During vacation periods when the residence halls are closed lights are turned off or down, computers are turned off, heaters are turned down to 65 degrees and any appliance or electronic is shut off and/or unplugged to save energy consumption.

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Future Discussion and Research

  • A Resident Advisor Advisory Committee will be created to discuss what the residence halls are doing, what they could do more of and what the residents are saying about sustainability. That committee remain active in effort to continue to discuss what steps can be taken or what initiatives could be explored to enhance the sustainability needs of our residence halls.
  • The Residence Hall Association will look to create more sustainable conversations and program to develop concepts on how students and administrators can work together on this topic.
  • The Housing & Residential Life will investigate other sustainability efforts to reduce use and waste, such as enhanced drinking fountains, energy efficient lighting, and superior trash management systems.