Housing & Residential Life

2017-2018 Student Handbook

Contract Information

A. Housing Contract:

Residents who sign their Housing Contracts online have entered into a legally binding agreement with MSU Billings for the renting of housing for the eight-month academic year.


Once a student has moved into the residence halls, they are bound to the contract, and may only be released for the following reasons (upon completion of a contract release form with supporting documentation) with a $75 cancellation fee:

  • Students Over 21 Years of Age: As verified through MSUB student information systems
  • Military Veteran: As verified through MSUB Student information systems
  • Enrolled in 11 or fewer credits: As verified through MSUB Student Information systems
  • Transfer Student: As verified through MSUB Student Information systems
  • Online Student: As verified through MSUB student information systems
  • Non-Degree Seeking Student: As verified through MSUB Student information systems
  • Living with Immediate Family (parent, grandparent or legal guardian) within the following counties: Yellowstone, Carbon, Big Horn, Stillwater, Treasure, Musselshell, Golden Valley
  • Married
  • Physical custody of a dependent child
  • Financial Hardship
  • Medical Related Condition
  • Documented Disability
  • Unusual Circumstances

All requests for contract release must be made to the Office of Housing and Residential Life two weeks prior to residence hall opening for consideration.  Please contact the Housing Office, SUB 225, by calling 406-657-2333 or online at msubillings.edu/reslife if you need a contract release form.


B.  Room NON-REFUNDABLE Application Fee:

All residents must submit an Application Fee in order to reserve a room on campus. This fee reserves room space and serves as a non-refundable prepayment for your housing.


The Application Fee is kept in a resident’s account until the student moves into the halls, and then it will be placed on the students account. The Application Fee will need to be paid each academic year since it is non-refundable.


C.  Cancellation Policy:
  1. If a resident submits an application and fee to reserve a room in the MSU Billings residence halls, but cancels, the non-refundable application fee will be forfeited. Room cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to the Housing Office.
  2. Any resident accepting and/or signing for a room key will be financially obligated by the contract for the entire semester.  Cost of key replacement is $45.00. Cancellation fee is $75 for cancelling.
  3. Residents who wish to cancel their housing contracts and move out of the residence halls should arrange to be granted a release from the Department of Housing and Residential Life.  Students who are no longer registered or actively attending classes are required to arrange contractual release with the Department of Housing and Residential Life and must vacate their rooms within 48 hours of withdrawal.
    1. Residents who wish to cancel their current housing contracts during the current academic semester must complete the Petition for Residence Hall Contract Release with the Housing Office. Please keep in mind the residency requirements stated in section 6. The student will be billed according to the schedule set forth by the Office of Housing and Residential Life. If a resident fails to complete a Petition for Residence Hall Contract Release and submit it to the Housing Office for approval, a $25.00 fee will be assessed on that student’s account for failure to follow proper procedure. A $75 cancellation fee will also be assessed. Room/meal refunds are only made through the third week of the semester.
    2. At a specified time in November that is noted in this planner, all residents will have an opportunity to change their room c. assignment and meal plan for the upcoming spring semester at no charge. Single room occupancy is NOT guaranteed. Failure to make any changes by the date required will result in automatic room and board charges for the next semester. Changes after that date may result in additional fees.
    3. Residents who cancel their housing contracts for the spring semester prior to the end of the fall semester must properly check out of their rooms by 12:00 noon on the day following the end of final exams unless they have written permission to stay from the Office of Housing and Residential Life. If the room is not vacated prior to the check-out date and proper check-out procedures are not followed, the resident will be charged for an      improper check-out and required to remove their belongings. If personal property is abandoned in a room by a resident, theitems will be left in the room for 5 (five) days. Once 5 days have passed or Housing & Residential Life reasonably believes that the resident has abandoned all personal property, Housing employees will remove the items from the room and properly store and take inventory of all property. Once this is complete, a certified letter will be sent to the previous resident stating that their property has been inventoried and stored. After fifteen days from the date of the letter being sent, if the belongings are not retrieved by their owner, the property will be disposed of. A twenty dollar ($20) per day storage fee may be assessed upon completion of time inventory for up to 15 days. Additionally, a $50 charge will be assessed for the inventory of all property in the room.
    4. Residents who have signed a contract for the academic year and decide to cancel their room during the break (see Section 1, G of the Residence Halls Policies and Procedures) will be required to:
      • Submit a written cancellation to Housing
      • Pay  a  $75.00  contract  cancellation fee
      • Residents who signed an Interim Break Contract will becharged for the nights they indicated on their housing interim break contract
      • $20/day storage fee starting the first day of break until properly checked out for Residents who were not contracted to stay over the break.
    5. Residents who have signed a contract for the academic year and decide to cancel their contracts for the semester, will be subject to:
      • A $75.00 cancellation fee
      • Weekly rate charges for the nights they stayed in their rooms during the semester (no refunds after the third week), as well as the fee for the interim break contract.
    6. Residents who have signed a contract for the academic   year   and   decide  to   cancel   their contract within the first 3 weeks of the semester:
      • Receive a room refund according to  the schedule set forth by the housing department,
      • Be charged a $75.00 cancellation fee.

These refund and break charges are in effect regardless of the reason for the cancellation. Exceptions are NOT made for students who have lost their financial aid or been suspended from the University for academic or misconduct reasons. Students who are notified in writing by the University during the break period that they have been suspended for academic reasons are no longer eligible to stay in the residence halls during the break period and must properly check-out of their rooms within 48 hours of notification of academic suspension and will be subject to the charges outlined in the Student Affairs Handbook.

  1. Prorated refunds are given through the first three weeks of the semester, beginning when halls open.

It takes approximately 5-6 weeks from the date of checkout to receive a refund from the University. The resident’s accounting records are reviewed by several offices on campus prior to the check being printed and mailed.


D.  Installment Plans:

Installment Plans may be arranged with the Business Office (McMullen Hall B-4, phone 657-2301) to allow students to pay for their expenses in four (4) payments throughout the semester.  All residents must pay their first installment of a fourth of their total charges by the second day of classes unless fees have been arranged by the Business Office.  If a resident fails to make this payment or any of the subsequent installment payments, they will be subject to eviction from the residence halls with a 48-hour notice for failure to meet their financial obligations.


E.  Check-In:

Residential students will be expected to complete a Housing Application and Contract before checking into a room in a residence hall.  Upon checking into a room, a student is financially bound to the contract. Proper procedures include:


  1. Complete Application. A Non-refundable Application Fee must be included with the application.
  2. Complete a Housing Contract online.
  3. Accept the ResNet Contract online.
  4. Download the Guidebook App on your phone
    After arriving:
  5.  Accept the Room Inventory online and accept a room key.  Accepting the inventory verifies the condition of the room and its contents at the time of check-in. All damages should be listed at that time.
  6. Get mail combination.
  7. Pay fees.
  8. Join a student organization! Get involved! Enjoy the year!
F. Check-Out:

Residents will be billed for their rooms until such time that they properly check-out of their rooms.  At the end of the year or at the time of check-out all residents must complete the following procedures:


  1. At the end of the semester, residents will be given their Express Check-out packet. The Express Check-out packet outlines all the procedures a student is required to complete in order to properly check-out using this method.
  2. When the resident signs the check-out envelope, they are agreeing to the conditions and charges that may apply.
  3. Clean room and move out. All original furniture must be in the room and in the same arrangement as when the resident moved in. All contact paper must be removed and all surfaces must be cleaned.
  4. Complete Change of Address on envelope and with the University in your MyInfo and the exit survey online.
  5. Turn in room key with the express checkout envelope or to the RA if you do an in person checkout.

See Section 1, B on Room Deposit and Section 1, C on RefundPolicyof theResidenceHallsPoliciesand Procedures for additional information regarding charges that may be assessed as a part of the Check-Out process. A $25.00 Improper Check-Out Fee will be assessed if Check-Out procedures are not followed. Cleaning charges start at $35/hour depending on the severity of the room, minimum one hour charged.


G.  Holiday/Break Housing:

In this policy and in all policies to follow, regarding this issue, the term “break” shall refer to the time period between the closing of the residence halls at the end of Fall semester and the opening of the residence halls at the beginning of Spring semester, as well as the time period from the last day of the second or third summer session to the opening of the residence hall at the beginning of Fall semester.


Students who are living on campus during the semester preceding the break and have signed a contract for the academic year may stay in the residence halls during the break for a minimal charge. The interim break contract contains a specific list of interim break contract policies and procedures and must be signed by the resident wishing to stay over the break. Students who are involved in misconduct situations during the semester or owe money on their accounts may be denied housing during break periods. Students must contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life prior to the Friday before the end of the semester to make arrangements to stay during the break and complete an Interim Break Contract. A $25.00 late charge will be assessed for all Interim Break Contracts received after this deadline.


If a student does not complete a winter break contract they will NOT be granted access to their building or room during the break. Students who access the building during the break for any reason, and have not completed a winter break contract, will be assessed the full winter break fee.


Students who do not complete a winter break contract and cancel their academic year contract over the break are subject to significant charges, a $75 cancelation fee and a $20/day storage fee assessed from the first day of break until the student has been released from their contract and has properly checked out of their room and removed their property.


Example:Student goes home for the break and then cancels their spring semester housing 14 days into the winter break. This student will be charged a $75 cancelation fee, as well as $20 per day storage fee (14 x $20 = $280) for a total of $355.


H.  Room Assignments:

Residents applying to live on campus are able to request a specific room and/or roommate online, or indicate a preference for type of floor and roommate they would like. Returning students have the first opportunity to select a specific room. Room assignments for all students are confirmed through the housing portal. Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to deny an application from a former residence hall student who was evicted, has a history of delinquent room and board payment, caused physical damage to the facility or violated other contract terms during their previous term.


Your mailing address will be: your name, hall and room, 1500 University Dr, Billings, MT 59101


I. Room Changes:

All room changes must be arranged through the Office of Housing and Residential Life. If you are requesting a room change during the semester for roommate problems, please see your Resident Assistant (RA) first, and then your Hall Director. Students wishing to make a room change must come to the Housing Office, SUB 225, and obtain a Room Change Authorization Form.  This form is then routed to the Hall Director and Resident Assistant to ensure all proper check-out procedures are followed. Failure to properly check out of one room before moving to another will result in a $25.00 Improper Check-Out fee.


J.  Room Consolidation Procedure:

If a resident is living in a double room and their roommate moves out or does not check in at the beginning of the semester, the housing office will contact the student with the name of a new roommate, a list of names they can contact, or give them the option to keep the room as a single room if space is available. This may require the student to move rooms in order to match up with another student in a double room. The student must accept the new roommate that has been assigned to their room or move to the reassigned open double room by the specified date.  If the resident fails to complete the necessary move, they can be charged the single room rate if space is available or face student conduct. All Petro end rooms must have two residents and they will not be assigned as single rooms.


There are times when a student has a double occupancy contract, but may live alone in a double room. It is a requirement for students to be prepared to have a student move into that space at any time. This means the bed is not being used, the closets are empty and available, and the room is generally available for occupancy at any time. If the space is not available upon entry for a student, you will be required to make that space available for a student to be assigned into that space and you will be assessed a single room fee for the period the space was unavailable or until a new roommate is assigned, whichever is greater. This does NOT grant you a single room and failure to have the other side of the room ready for immediate check in may result in additional fees to the student.


K.  Room Damages:

Residents will be financially responsible for all damages, which exceed normal wear and tear. Residents found vandalizing any university property will be charged for the damages and will be subject to misconduct action. Damage to common areas (bathroom, laundry, kitchen, lounge, etc.) may result in charges incurred by the floor/building community, if responsibility cannot be ascertained


L. Single Rooms:

A limited number of single rooms are made available at the beginning of the year to be reserved as “guaranteed singles.” Residents may request a single room when they apply to live on campus, and these requests will be honored if space is available in the residence halls. All single rooms are made available on a first come/first served basis. An additional charge per semester is assessed for a single room rate. See the Housing web page for the most updated prices.  http://www.msubillings.edu/reslife/rates.htm


*NOTE: All Petro end rooms must have two residents and they will not be assigned as single rooms.


M.  Credit Requirements:

Students living in the residence halls must be actively pursuing a full-time class load (this is defined as attending classes on a regular basis). Full-time status for graduate students is 9 or more credits; full-time status for undergraduate students is 12 or more credits. Exemptions to this policy must be approved in advance by the Housing Officer. A credit requirement exemption form must be completed and returned to the Office of Housing and Residential Life for approval. 


N. Felony Conviction:

Any student applying for Housing or Family Housing that has a felony conviction, or any student who is convicted of a felony while living on campus, will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine if the individual will be allowed to reside in the Montana State University Billings residence halls or a family housing complex


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