Office of the Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

 Faculty Administration Collaborative Committee

2017-2018 Members


Faculty Members

Dr. Joy Honea, Co-Chair

Dr. Salem Boumediene
Dr. Keith Edgerton
Dr. Suzette Nynas

Dr. Kurt Toenjes 


Administration Members

Dr. Robert Hoar, Co-Chair
Dr. Dan Edelman
Dr. Michael Barber
Ms. Trudy Collins

Dr. Matt Redinger 


CBA 6.200 Faculty-Administration Collaborative Committee (FACC)
The FACC is formed to set as an ongoing collaborative committee to address faculty working conditions and personnel related issues that affect faculty, administration, students and other constituencies at Montana State University Billings.  The FACC will be empowered to initiate, formulate, and interpret contract issues between the Montana State University Billings Faculty Association and the University Administration on an ongoing basis. 


6.210 Membership
Membership in the FACC shall consist of four members from the University Administration, and four members appointed by the MSU Billings Faculty Association.  Other resources people may be included on an “as needed” basis.