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N.C. Abbott Collection

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Date Completed: 09-01-2005
Location: Special Collections
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Biographical Sketch

(written by Brent Roberts)

N.C. (Newton Carl) Abbott was an instructor at Eastern Montana Normal School from its opening day, September 12, 1927, until fall quarter 1944.  A graduate of the University of North Dakota, he taught in small schools throughout North Dakota , South Dakota , Montana , and Washington , and earned his Masters of Arts degree in history at the University of Washington in 1927.  He was honored in 1940 with a Doctor of Laws degree from Intermountain College for his tireless work in Montana history.

Dr. Abbott was a popular teacher, author, and speaker.  Over the years, he taught thousands of students in Montana history, American history, economics, and other classes.  He was a frequent speaker at community gatherings.  He also wrote the popular textbook Montana in the Making, which was used for many years in Montana public schools.  For many, Dr. Abbott was best remembered for annual trips taken to the Little Big Horn Battlefield, where he stopped at points of historical interest and lectured students and community members on their significance.

Dr. Abbott died in Oregon on October 21, 1944.

Scope & Contents

The items are assumed to be the teaching materials that N.C. Abbott used while a Professor at Eastern Montana Normal School (MSU Billings), 1927-1944. His name was written in the inside flap of most the books found under the stairs of McMullen Hall.  What books which did not disintegrate, we saved.  There were four 1930 RimRock and one 1931 RimRock, and they disintegrated when touched.  There were no signatures within the pages and we already have several copies of these RimRocks; therefore, the decision to not try and save them was made.  There was also a rolled “parchment.” It was so eaten through that trying to decipher any meaning from the rolled papers was impossible.  It was also not saved, but there are some digital pictures taken of this “parchment.” A fountain pen and a pair of eyeglasses with case along with flashcards were also discovered.   

[See related articles written at time of discovery].   

Arrangement of Collection

The books were first housed within plastic containers.  There was concern that there could still be “bugs” living within the books.  The books have been moved into acid free storage containers.  The flash cards are being housed all together, and they are being held within the same archival box as the journal clippings, postcards, maps, and one larger photograph.  The fountain pen and glasses are within a smaller archival box, and the photographs are within their own acid free box.


N.C. Abbott collection is open to all students, faculty and researchers.  The items will not circulate, but they may be viewed within the special collection area.  The Archivist will determine whether the items can be photocopied.  The condition and origin of item will help determine whether it can be photocopied along with following the guidelines of the copyright act. 

Organization of Collection

Journal clippings
Photographs, photo postcards
Hand-drawn Northwest maps (3x5 index cards)
Fountain pen
Eyeglasses and case
Books - 2 containers

Container Listing

Box One:

40 flashcards
1.0 Postcards (6)
2.0 Journal clippings (37)
3.0 Map - Northwest hand-drawn maps on 3x5 index cards, 1848, 1859
4.0 Photograph - “Ready for Red Cross, Roll Call, Billings, Montana, Nov. 14, 1928” by Peter Billings
One CD containing the images of the 19 photographs.

Box Two:

Photographs (17) and 2 photo post cards

Box Three:

Fountain pen & eyeglasses and case

Container One: Books

Beach, W.G. & Walker, E.E. (1934). American social problems. Stanford University , Cal. : University Press.  [Most bug damaged]

Bourne, H.E. & Benton, E.J. (1916). Introductory American history. Boston: D.C. Heath & Co.

 Boynton, F.D. (1904). School civics. Boston : Ginn & CO. [ >Signed Abbott & stamped “private library of N.C. Abbott, Jr.”]

Carman, H.J. (1930). Social and economic history of the U.S. : I from handicraft to factory, 1500-1820. Boston : D.C. Heath & Co. [Signed N.C. Abbott]>

Clark, V.B. (1925). Europe : A geographical reader. New York: Silver, Burdett, & Company. [Signed N.C. Abbott]

 Kolb, J.H. & Brunner, E. des. (1935). A Study of rural society: It’s organization and changes. : Houghton – Mifflin Co.

 Lingley, C.R. (1929). The American people and nation. Boston: Ginn & Co.

Martin, E. (1928). History of the U.S.: Vol. I 1783-1865. Boston: Ginn & Co. [Signed N.C. Abbott]

 Martin, E. (1931). History of the : Vol. II 1865-1931. Boston: Ginn & Co. [Signed N.C. Abbott]

 Maxim, H. (1915). Defenseless America. New York: Hearst’s International Library Co.

 Phelps, H.A. (1932). Contemporary social problems. New York: Prentice-Hall, Inc.

 Reed, T.H. (1928). Loyal citizenship. Yonkers-on-Hudson, NY: World Book Co.

 Thompson, M. (1901). Rosalynde’s lovers. Indianapolis: Bowen-Merrill Co.

Letter to “Dr. Abbott”  from “Kathleen Horton” - well eaten in the middle of letter.

Container Two: Books

Adams, M.N., Williamson, J.P., & Renville, J.B. (1892). History of the Dakota Presbytery: of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America: from its organization to April, 1890. Good Will Mission, Good Will Dakota: Indian Industrial Training-School Press. [Holes in appendix- bug damaged]

 Barton, W.W. (1919). John P. Williamson: A brother to the Sioux. NY: Fleming H. Revell.

Fox, D.R. [Ed.]. (1934). Sources of culture in Middle West: Backgrounds versus frontier. NY: D. Appleton-Century Company. [Signed N.C. Abbott]

Gates, A.I. (1926). <>Elementary psychology. NY: Macmillan Co.

German, C.E. & German, E.G. (1929). Character education: A program for the school and the home. NY: Silver, Burdett & Company.

Halleck, R.P. (1911). History of American literature. NY: American Book Co.

[Stamped “private library of N.C. Abbott, Jr.”]

 Hawley, H.L. (1935). Adventures in the old world history. Boston: Ginn & Company.

Keane, A.H. (1901). Ethnology. : C.J. Clay and Sons Cambridge University Press.

King, M. (1908). Language games: A method of using play for establishing correct habits of speech, in primary grades. Boston: Educational Publishing Co.

 La Rue, D.W. (1927).  The child’s mind and the common branches. NY: Macmillan Co. [Signed N.C. Abbott]

Monroe, P. [Ed]. (1916). Principals of secondary education. NY: Macmillan Co.

Muzzey, D.S. & Krout, J.A. (1933). American history for colleges. Boston: Ginn & Company.

 Proceedings of the sixty-ninth annual meeting held at Los Angeles, California: June 27- July 3, 1931 : Vol. 69. Washington D.C.: National Education Association.

 Reed, H.B. (1927). Psychology of elementary school. Boston: Ginn & Company. [Signed N.C. Abbott]

 Riggs, S.R. (1913). Dakota Wowapi Wakan Kin: The New Testament in the Dakota language: translated from the original Greek. NY: American Bible Society.

 Rolfe, W.J. [Ed]. (1887). Minor poems of John Milton.  NY: American Book Co.

Ross, E.A. (1909). Social psychology an outline and source book. NY: Macmillan Co. [Signed N.C. Abbott]

Rugg, H. & Krueger, L. (1936). First book of the earth. Boston: Ginn & Company.

 Stevenson, J.A. (1922). The project method of teaching. NY: Macmillan Co. [Signed N.C. Abbott]

 Washburn, M.F. (1917). The animal mind: A textbook of comparative psychology. NY: Macmillan Co.

Watkinson, W.L. (1906). The duty of imperial thinking: and other chapters on themes worth while. NY: Fleming H. Revell Company.

 Watson, A.R. (1914). Golden deeds on the field of honor. NY: Macmillan Co.

Class enrollment card E.M.N.S.

Human Sterilization Today: A publication of the Human Betterment Foundation, Pasadena California.

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