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Artist Book Resources

  Artist Book Curriculum Ideas..... 
Art & Math
    Study M. C. Escher and create a tessellation book.
                     (See websites: Wikipedia and  M.C. Escher)
    Create a book using only geometric forms as illustrations.
    Design a numbers book.
    Construct a book by building layers of kaleidoscope designs.

Art & Science
    Make a book instead of a poster to illustrate a concept in science.
    Make mini-books for a mini-science fair.
    Reuse an old science book to create a new science book (altered book).
    Create a book in the shape of an animal, fish, bird or other "creature."

Art & Social Studies
    Illustrate a book about your community or school.
    Visually compare and contrast your culture with another culture.
    Create a book illustrating how a specific culture has developed.
    Map the Silk Route or the Spice Route in a self-designed book.

Art & Language
    Write new symbols for the alphabet in a self-designed book.
    Read a classic and use only drawings and minimal words for a new book.
    Develop symbols for the main characters in a short story or novel.
    Create new Dr. Seuss style characters for a book to honor Dr. Seuss.
    Make a book about a poem.

Art & History
    Make a timeline book.
    Research your family and create a family tree book.
    Draw historical scenes illustrating a certain time in history.

Art & Technology
    Create a book about your life using a graphic program from the web.
    Using graphics programs, create a surrealist book.
    Create web pages; remember web pages are electronic books.
    Create a book using a presentation program.
    Combine a word processing program and a paint program for a book.
    Import images using a scanner and a clip art program to create a book.

    Cut out sections of a manufactured book and illustrate in a new way.
    Put new pages in an old book cover.