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The Artist Book Collection..... 

  Lawrence P. Anderson
E.C. Cunningham
James Bailey
Pat Cook
Dr. Kate Coolahan


Art School

Water Drops

Voyage of the Beagle

Jean Formo

Linda Gammell
Sandra Menefee Taylor
Kristina Komendant
Connie M. Landis
LaVona Sherarts
Now I Know My ABC's


Landscape of Hope and Despair

Tree Talk

Man in the Moon

Gin Leuchter

Donna M. Milbauer
John Mitchell
Maryellen Munger

Layered Blues

Violet: The Sinister of Blue

Maru's Garden

Alice and Freud
in Germany

Freud and Alice
in Israel

Marcia Selsor
LaVona Sherarts

Mary Alice Spencer
Elizabeth Steiner

Unwritten Story

Dead Books

The Little Crocodile

Moeraki Boulders

Sing Weaving


  Peter & Donna Thomas
Jill Timm

Four Views of
Kealakekua Bay

Cliff Village

Ocean Dunes

Winter Elk

Winter White


Helen Widenhofer


Better Late Than Never

Rock Bottom