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About the Artists: Peter & Donna Thomas


Type of Book
Scroll in box

Book Size

 Box w/ scroll inside
        Width:   1 7/8"
        Height:  3 1/4"
        Depth:   7/8"

         Width:  22"
         Height: 2 1/4"
         Depth:  1/2"



In this innovative scrolling book, four different views (three literary and one pictorial) illustrate the spot where Cook and his crew first discovered the charms of Hawaii.  The twenty-inch scrolling page is printed on Peter's handmade paper in five colors.  Donna cut the illustration into linoleum while visiting Kealakekua and it is printed in a blue to yellow rainbow of colors.
The scroll is on a dowel through blocks of Koa wood, a tree native to that part of Hawaii.  The binding is handmade paper decorated with an ancient Hawaiian tapa design with a tapa cloth design formed in the pulp.  A small linoleum cut of a palm tree is on the front cover.  The four views are from: James Cook, Johnny Noble, Donna Thomas and Mark Twain. 

This is #50 of an edition of 75.