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Better Late Than Never

Rock Bottom

  Helen Widenhofer..... 
My Bookmaking

My bookmaking "career" began when I retired from teaching and attended a workshop
which included making an accordion book. I then attended Western Washington
University in Bellingham and took a class from Dr. Elsi Vassdel Ellis. My perception of
books was changed forever. I have gone back eight summers to learn new techniques
and skills and now have at least 24 different bindings.

I have also attended two Oregon Book Arts Guild conferences. They are
inspirational and a source of diverse ideas and techniques.

I have no training or access to various print processes, so most of my books use fine
papers and leave content to the imagination of the user. I always take one of my books on trips to use as a journal.

Currently, I am doing independent research on the evolution and history of books,
beginning with the clay cuneiform clay tablets of Babylon up to the printing press.
Making models of the book as it evolved through the centuries is an enjoyable part of
the research.