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Man in the Moon

  Connie M. Landis..... 

Artist Statement

              "A book is like a garden carried in the pocket." (Chinese Proverb)  

One-of-a-kind Artist's Books are my studio passion going back to the mid-1990s.
These books synthesize the physical three-dimensional structure with a visual
message. The messages in text and structure most often question ideas and practices
taken for granted by "readers," and, at other times, are current ideas from my personal
life or even global challenges. Also, I make some "pretty books" wholly concentrating
on aesthetics. Thus, my books could be categorized in the modern as well as post-
modern paradigms.

Often I make hand-made paper from Montana natural materials intermingled with the
use of commercial paper pulps. Hand-made papers from other papermakers are used
also. Whatever the paper source, I attempt to emphasize and to stretch the inherent
attributes of the paper.

Techniques used to illustrate the books' messages include: collage, painting,
printmaking and the embedding or attaching of "found objects." I do appreciate that
creating my Artist's Books permits use of many constructing processes that I have
learned through my years in art. Some books have specially made containers:
Constructing containers or reworking "found" containers for these books presents
additional challenges. Combining traditional and unusual materials and processes in a
playful yet very serious way is always the focus.

Spreading the structure and messages of Artists' Books is evident in the many ways
that books become part of my instructional program here at Montana State University
Billings. Beyond the classroom setting, workshops for all ages and abilities are given
upon request at the local, regional and national levels. My books are entered in juried
exhibit and gallery venues. With the above ideas in mind, I prefer that the "reader" wear
those pesky white gloves to handle my Artist's Books when the books are in exhibits
and galleries. Display cases and vitrenes are not my favorite ways to showcase my

Many satisfying hours are spent in my home studio creating Artist's Books.

              "You can travel a great deal of country in books." (Andrew Lang)  



Degrees & Certification
1987                                Ph.D. University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI
1977                                M.S.Ed.  Eastern Montana College/now Montana State University
                                         Billings, MT
1968-2008                      State of Montana Teacher Certification for Art (K-12) & Biology
1962                                B. A. Lawrence University, Appleton, WI


Teaching & Leadership Experiences
Fall 2006-Spring 2008  Chair of the MSU Billings Department of Art.
1999-2007                       MSU Billings Professor. I teach art education classes
                                           for art majors/minors and for elementary education, special
                                           education and graduate students. In 2006 received
                                           recognition from University for 30 Years of Service
                                           (formerly Eastern Montana College).
2005                                 Spring ART/CMPT/HONORS class titled The "Real"
                                           Message of the Written and Visual Text. Team-taught with
                                           Dr. Maggie McBride, Associate Professor in Department
                                           of Mathematics. MSU Billings.
1998-2002                      Chair of the MSU Billings Department of Art.
                                           Achievements with others include:
                                           1. Ten Year Accreditation with the National Association of       
                                           Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)
                                           2. Computer graphics Area of Concentration established for
                                           art majors
                                           3. Major renovations of physical facilities in the art
                                           classrooms and gallery spaces in the Liberal Arts Building
                                           4. Student scholarship monies increased from previous years
                                           5. Continuation of Visiting Artists' Program.
2006-2007                      Sabbatical from MSU Billings to research facets of             
                                           Artists' Books including interviews of artists, private & public
                                           collectors of Artists' Books followed by curating of
                                           international-invitational exhibit titled Artists' Books: Visual
                                           and Verbal Expressions in Northcutt Steele Gallery, and
                                           creating hand-made papers for original one-of-a-kind Artist's
                                           Books in studio.
1984-1998 &                  MSU Billings/EMC professor in art education and art studio.

1989                                 Rocky Mountain College, Billings, MT, art education part-time instructor.
1986                                 University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI, TA in art education.
1982-1984                       University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI, PA in Office of Field Experiences.
1981-1982                       University of Illinois - Champaign/Urbana, IL, TA in Saturday Art School.
1968-1978                       Billings West High School, Billings, MT, art instructor.
1964-1968                       Neenah Joint School District, Neenah, WI, elementary art specialist.
1963-1964                       Edgerton School District, Edgerton, WI, elementary art teacher.
1962-1963                       Kenosha School District, Kenosha, WI, elementary art teacher.