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Tree Talk

  Kristina Komendant..... 
Artist Statement – About the Book

Tree Talk is a “peg book” structure which pivots around a peg (actually a wooden
dowel). When opened, it looks like a fan.

I wanted to write quotations about trees and leaves on poplar wooden boards to give
the piece a three-dimensional shape as well as a connection to wood itself. The poplar
boards were cut with a fret saw designed and made by Leo Prachtler. The design for
the cut boards are from American Elm leaf patterns. Bold Italic calligraphy is done with
a metal pen nib and Indian ink. The coloured leaf print transfers are made with gouache
pigments. The board surfaces are coated with a thin layer of varathane. The
dimensions are 7.5 x 4.25 x 5.5 inches.

I made this book as well as a number of subsequent books about trees, because I want
to remind people about the inherent beauty and importance of our forests. We must all
steward them safely for future generations.

Biographical Information

Bookbinding: hand binding, design binding

Calligraphy: lettering arts, illumination, pen-nib and brush calligraphy, embossing

Papermaking: pulp painting, sculptural, sheet production from cotton, linen, denim, or
natural materials, ie. cattails, straw, etc.

Paper Decoration: marbling (watercolour, acrylic)

Artists' Books: one-of-a-kind using wood, lotus leaves and other unusual materials

Illustration: pen and ink, watercolour

Collaborates with other artists. Teaches workshops.