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Water Drops

  Pat Cook..... 


"Asia, and Japan in particular, have had a big influence on my artwork. I have tremendous respect
for tradition in handmade paper and good quality (sic.)"

Pat Cook was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the early 1950's. Living her life artistically has always been foremost for her. After a competitive figure skating career as a teenager, Pat went on to work in professional "Ice Shows" through her 20's working in a number of countries. This exposure to various cultures has often been noticed in her visual art. There is an Asian feel and sensitivity imbued in her art.

She has studied at various schools such as the Oregon College of Art and Craft and the Banff School of Fine Arts. Primarily a hand papermaker, Pat has focused lately on printmaking. Often pushing the boundaries of "flat wall art," her work can be challenging. A particular favorite is the "Artist's Book." Handmade paper, collage, printmaking, sewing and painting may all be used in one book! The spiritual side of Pat's life sometimes comes out in her layered artwork. Perhaps text in Japanese or Tibetan will be incorporated into a visually calming work of art. One comment often heard when visitors enter her studio is "how beautiful and calm I feel here." The fact that there are floor to ceiling windows definitely brings the outdoors in!

There is the opportunity to come to her studio during the self guided "Stinking Fish Studio Tour" in East Sooke and Metchosin each November.