Jack Cab 4 Easy Steps

MSU Billings wants to make sure you get back to the residence halls no matter your situation or location. MSUB HEROES has teamed up with area cab drivers to bring you Jacket Cab.


Jacket Cab was developed to address urgent situations such as:

  • Impaired Driving (drunk or drugged driving)
  • Unsafe situations
  • Stranded
  • Vehicle Breakdown

Facts and Questions about Jacket Cab


Do I have to be 21 years old to use Jacket Cab?
No, you can use Jacket Cab at any age. If you are under the age of 21 and drinking you will not get in any trouble for using Jacket Cab.


Do I have to go back to campus or can I get a cab ride to anywhere in Billings when using Jacket Cab?
Jacket Cab can only be used to get back to campus from another location because of an urgent situation such as impaired driving, an unsafe situation, being stranded, or having your vehicle breakdown.


Is there a limit on the number of people or price when using Jacket Cab?
No, you can have as many people with you as will fit in the cab and the full price will be refunded no matter what the price is.


Will Jacket Cab take me from campus to another destination in Billings?
No, Jacket Cab Vouchers can only be given when you are returning to campus.


If I forget to ask for a Jacket Cab Voucher can I still receive my full refund?
No, you must have the Jacket Cab Voucher with you when redeeming your refund at Student Health Services or Residence Life and Housing.


Do you have a question about Jacket Cab that's not listed above?


Email us at msubheroes@msubillings.edu


*Redeem within 10 days at Student Health Services or Residence Life & Housing


City Cab: 406.252.8700 | Yellow Cab: 406.245.3033