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Study Abroad Exchange Program

Reenactment of King Gojong and Empress Myeongseong's Royal Wedding Ceremony in South KoreaSouth Korea: EWHA Woman’s University


Exchange Program

EWHA offers a coeducational international program and welcomes all students, both male and female, to study for one or two semesters as a non-degree seeking exchange student. This program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled as a full-time. There is no language requirement for applicants, but it is highly recommended that each applicant have an adequate command of the Korean language. Additionally, all applicants are required to have a GPA of over 2.5.



  • EWHA offers a variety of high-quality courses in various fields including studies on Asia and Korea, and almost all courses are open to exchange and visiting students. All exchange and visiting students are required to take a minimum of 9 credits and a maximum of 18 credits per semester.

  • 100~200 courses taught in English offered by EWHA including Art & Design, Art History, Asian Studies,    Business, Economics, Geography, Ideology and Culture, International Studies, Korean Studies, Literature, Media Studies, Music, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Social Welfare, Sociology, Women's Studies, and many more∙ Graduate courses offered in English by the Graduate School of International Studies and the School of Business (with permission from the respective professors)

    • EWHA Global Online (EWHA GO) courses
    • Regular EWHA courses taught in Korean
    • Korean language courses offered by the EWHA Language Center


Single room or residence hall housing is available.



Application Fee: EWHA fee waived-App fee is paid to MSUB directly
Tuition Fee: EWHA fee waived-tuition is paid to MSUB directly



A valid student visa (D-2) is required for all international exchange and visiting students. Upon acceptance to EWHA, students will be issued an Acceptance Letter and a Certificate of Admission in their admission packets. The two documents are needed when applying for the D-2 visa. For more information about the visa application process or the nearest Korean Embassy or Korea Consul General, please visit:


Health Insurance

There is an On-Campus Health Center Fee (small fee applies).Students holding visas allowing long-term stay in Korea may apply for the National Health Insurance. Otherwise, it is best to apply for medical insurance in ones’ home country before coming to Korea.


South Korea : EWHA Women’s University Language Center

  • The short term program is 3x weeks long and is Monday through Friday for 4x hours per day.  It has 7x levels of difficulty ranging from the Korean language “starter” to “advance” speakers. 

  • The “starter” level objectives are as follows:

  • No knowledge of Korean language is required to participate in this course. Students are introduced to the Korean alphabet--consonants, vowels, suffixes and basic spelling rules.

  • Students are introduced to basic grammatical structures to help students cope with daily real life situations, and are able to write simple sentences.

  • Students will acquire simple conversation skills useful for everyday life.

  • Greeting, introducing, ordering food and making purchases, etc.

  • Because speaking Korean well does not mean you understand the culture this level is designed to give students the basic knowledge of Korean culture and society.

  • This short term program is recommended for MSUB students who have never studied Korean, and want to attend the exchange program at EWHA.  This will help you transition into your semester abroad at EWHA.  The dates of the program fit perfectly with the exchange program dates.  One would arrive approx. one month before the start of the exchange to attend the short term language course.


See website for Language Center costs.


See EWHA exchange program information above.


See EWHA exchange program information above.


***Need at least a 30 day VISA to enroll***

Contact OIS for more information: