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Study Abroad Interviews

Lizzy and MaddyMadalyn DeLeon & Elizabeth "Lizzy" King



Madalyn (20 years old when abroad)

Lizzy King (20 years old when abroad)


Degrees: Elementary Education undergraduate students in the College of Education


Study Abroad: University of Winchester, United Kingdom


When: Spring 2017 semester


The primary Q&A is below. Thank you!


What did you like most about studying abroad?

We both loved the town that we studied in and had a really good group of other international friends. To see what it was like to be a minority was a great experience and also getting to explore a new place every day was special


What classes do you take while there? Did these classes coincide with

your major?

We studied in Winchester England. We were only able to take 4 courses and two of them coincided with our major which is Elementary Education.


Lizzy at a British phone boothHow long were you there for?

The semester lasted about three months but we were overseas for almost four months.


What did you learn, aside from the classes, while studying abroad?

Madalyn- I learned how to be more responsible and mature.


Lizzy- I learned how to be independent and travel on my own.


Since we both are living at home throughout college, we learned how to travel and experience life on our own.


What did you all see when you were there? What was your favorite


There was too much! In London we did the typical double decker bus tour and went sightseeing throughout the city. Along with London, we saw Stonehenge and traveled to many little places in England.


Madalyn- Overall, my favorite place was Winchester, however I enjoyed being by the beach in Bournemouth.


Lizzy- My overall favorite was also Winchester, but I really loved our day trip to Jurassic Coast which was a beautiful beach in Durdle Door.


Did you travel outside of the country you stayed in? If so, where did you go?

Yes, we both traveled to Ireland, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.


Lizzy in LondonWhat was the most challenging aspect about traveling abroad?

Madalyn-Going to England I assumed there would not be much of a language barrier considering England and the US both speak English. However, while being there I found it was actually very hard to understand the British accent.


Lizzy-Learning how to travel efficiently and on a college student budget was challenging. Overall, looking back we made the challenges bigger than they needed to be instead of just enjoying it.


Any advice you would offer to students interested in studying abroad?

Before leaving for England multiple people told us to avoid saying no to new things. Although we had that thought in the back of our minds, there were some instances where we did say no, and completely regret it now. If you are even considering studying abroad but have doubts, just go because it is definitely worth the experience. We have both grown as individuals and have experiences in life that some people never get the chance to have.