Grants & Sponsored Programs

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The Grants and Sponsored Program (GSP) Office works in partnership with the University and community to identify and pursue funding to address the identified needs and initiatives of the University. Specific responsibilities of the GSP Office include:


University Compliance - Monitors compliance with the legal requirements, rules and regulations related to applying for and implementing University grants, contracts, and sponsored funding.


Signature Authority - Because institutional awards for sponsored and creative work are made to Montana State University Billings and not to individuals, proposals and agreements require an institutional signature.  As Chief Executive Officer, signature authority resides with the Chancellor.  For sponsored activities, the Chancellor delegates this authority to the Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, who in turn officially delegates this authority to the Director and others in the Grants and Sponsored Programs office.  Additionally, GSP personnel who electronically submit proposals or Financial Status Reports are officially delegated authority to do so.  


When any proposal or award paperwork requires a signature, it is that of an Institutional Authorized Official (AO) and is secured from GSP.  A sponsored agreement signed by an unauthorized individual will be deemed null and void.


Data Collection & Reporting - Maintains proposal and award information and produces monthly reports on activities. GSP keeps master copies of all proposals that are available for faculty/staff review in developing new proposals.


Faculty-Staff Development: Provides support for faculty/staff in the pre-post-award endeavor including but not limited to:

  • encouraging the University community to pursue external funding for new and existing initiatives;

  • pre-award development & technical assistance;

  • post-award monitoring (programmatic and final reports, etc.);

  • identifying and developing collegial/collaborative partnerships;

  • faculty/staff development and training (group and individual); and

  • technical assistance and training relative to any phase of the process.

Pre-Award Research - Identifies and distributes information on funding opportunities. See Grant Opportunities.


Manages Approval Process System - Manages the University's formal proposal approval process. Once a proposal has been approved by a College and submitted to the GSP office, GSP will obtain the remaining signatures required to submit the proposal. Proposals greater than $50,000 require GSP to obtain the signatures of the Director of Financial Services, the Administrative Vice-Chancellor, the Provost, and Chancellor. If problems are identified during this process, GSP will work with the applicant to address and correct the proposal as needed.


Submitting Proposals - GSP acts as the official University signatory on all proposals, awards, and reports. When a proposal is required to be submitted electronically, GSP assumes the responsibility for the electronic submission of the application. If the proposal is to be submitted by mail, the faculty/staff member is responsible for mailing the application. GSP may mail proposals upon request of the faculty/staff member.


Related Duties - GSP identifies and recommends strategic funding plans based on both University-wide and unit strategic planning. GSP is available to assist developing an annual funding plan and to pursue funding for special projects. GSP may manage special projects and/or serve as part of the proposed proposal staff in order to add to the University's expertise, experience, and/or capability.


For additional information, please contact the Grants and Sponsored Program Office.