Northcutt Steele Gallery

2017-18 Gallery Schedule

The High Stakes of Macedonia's Colorful Revolution

September 6–October 12, 2017

Reception & Panel Discussion

Thursday, September 21, 5–9pm

Discussion begins at 6:30pm in LI148 (next to gallery)
*Catered, Free, and Open to the Public*
1st Floor, Liberal Arts Building, MSUB Campus



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Robert Atanasovski, Painted Justice, 2016, archival print, 16 x 20”
Taken on April 20, 2016, this photo shows the façade of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Macedonia. The Ministry came under especially strong attack by the protesters as a result of the blatantly partisan and legally untenable decision by the highest court of the country to uphold the President’s Amnesty of politicians who were being investigated for various abuses of the law. The protester is inscribing on the defaced building the first few letters of the phrase “Colorful Revolution.”
© Robert Atanasovski