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 Briane Kruckenberg
Business & Program Developer
214 N. Broadway
Billings, MT 59101
406.896.5888 or 406.896.5890

Individualized Services

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Planning and Event Development

  • Provide individualized consulting, planning, and event execution
  • Attend and advise at meetings as necessary including coordinating meeting agendas and note taking
  • Develop timelines and implementation processes
  • Handling of site changes and special needs as necessary
  • Manage all processes to ensure adherence to university policy and procedure
  • Administer call for papers/abstracts submission process and recruit speakers and trainers as available
  • Coordinate with planning committee to develop evaluation tool

Budget Development

  • Preparing customized budgets and arrange registration fees
  • Establish accounts for deposits and disbursements
  • Manage all financial operations of the event including payment of expenses, reimbursements for presenters, and monitoring budget expenditures
  • Process participant refunds as defined by individual refund policy
  • Provide final event summary of all transactions


  • Advise planning committee on design and implementation of marketing strategies
  • Coordinate with committee to identify appropriate mailing lists for distributing resources
  • Arrange for design, printing, and mailing of event reminders, brochures, website design, and other promotional materials
  • Website design & support
  • Manage publicity and media relations
  • Maintain staff to respond to written, phone, and emailed requests for event information


  • Design a secure event registration form
  • Provide customer support for registration questions
  • Maintain a customized registration database
  • Provide personalized acknowledgement for each registration with a confirmation and receipt for payment
  • Provide regular participant registration updates to the planning committee
  • Prepare final registration roster
  • Coordinate on-site registration including creation
  • Manage the distribution of nametags and other event materials at check-in
  • Management of Exhibitor registration

Materials and Supplies

  • Work with committee to identify materials to be included in an event program booklet or participant packet
  • Coordinate design and production of event materials (posters, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Assemble registration packets
  • Prepare event signage
  • Reproduce speaker handouts or include in event program booklet (electronic or paper)
  • Coordinate supplies needed for event or notify participants of needed materials for event

Speaker/Presenter Support

  • Coordinate travel arrangements and other logistical needs from contracting to on-site hospitality
  • Contracting and compensation negotiations as well as management of MSUB Payroll
  • Inform presenters and invited speakers of expectations, responsibilities, and fee arrangements
  • Confirm audio visual needs and requirements
  • Create speaker bio(s), session notes, and descriptions to create comprehensive marketing and program materials
  • Obtain copies of  all presentations, handouts, or other event materials for inclusion in a program booklet or to send electronically to participants
  • Management and purchase of honorariums

Facilities Management

  • Schedule meeting rooms and coordinate room setups, including a/v requirements
  • Coordinate catering arrangements; select menus and manage event details including special dietary restrictions or allergies
  • Coordinate and manage lodging accommodations
  • Prepare detailed event schedule and confirm all logistical arrangements with facility
  • Arrange for parking at event/validation of downtown parking

Providing Academic Credit or CEUs

  • Research requirements for each CE agency and obtain application or online submission guidelines
  • Coordinate application submission to the appropriate agencies to obtain approval for CE credits (Content and objectives to be prepared by the planning committee)
  • Distribute CE certificates, to the extent possible on site; mail the remaining to participants
  • Ensure approval of evaluation tool by appropriate entities (Evaluation tool to be prepared by planning committee)
  • Prepare and distribute final reporting packets required by CE agencies - evaluation results, speaker handouts, sign-in sheets, etc.

On-site Services

  • Arrange and manage speaker/presenter and participant hospitality
  • Provide technical support for AV equipment
  • Management of exhibitor registration and needs/layout if appropriate

Post-event Services  

  • Collect and compile detailed statistics for event categories including registration and attendance, catering guarantees and actuals, and other as assigned
  • Coordinate and distribute thank you letters to speakers, panelists, facilitators, and event staff
  • Coordinate and analyze Conference or workshop participant evaluation summaries
  • Solicit event staff, suppliers, facility personnel, and speaker/presenter feedback and analyze results
  • Create a final event summary report that serves as an overview of the entire event for staff, archival records, and committees

Other Services

  • Pre-Conference Workshop Services
  • Coordinate for outside event entertainment, activities, or other recreational opportunities
  • Coordinate Transportation Services
  • University resources i.e. labs, library, computer access, internet access
  • Volunteer recruitment and coordination
  • Coordinate event sponsorship
  • Contracting special services (i.e. security, interpreters, etc.)

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