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Applied Behavior Analysis

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.® has approved the course sequence at MSU Billings as meeting the coursework requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst Examination® and Board Certified Behavior Analyst Examination®. Applicants will have to meet additional requirements to qualify.


ABA Therapy is a research-based intervention for the treatment of challenging behavior in children and adults with disabilities.


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All courses offered in the Applied Behavior Analysis sequence will be offered online. It's a convenient way to learn with your computer!



Is the study of Applied Behavior Analysis right for me?

Quality of Life: If you're interested in helping people achieve a well-balanced lifestyle to the maximum extent possible, then ABA is for you.


Science and Art: If you want to learn how to use techniques grounded in behavioral principles such as positive reinforcement and precision teaching, ABA is for you.


How do I get started?

Interested students are strongly encouraged to visit the Graduate Studies website. You can also contact the Graduate Studies office for admission requirements by phone at: 406-657-2238.


Faculty Qualifications

Instructors for all BACB approved courses have documented expertise and/or certification in Applied Behavior Analysis.


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Course Sequence BACB Approved

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Course Descriptions

SPED 593 Workshop: Applied Behavior Analysis I, 3 credits.
This course introduces definitions, characteristics, principles, processes and concepts of ABA.


Students will learn a variety of methods for behavior assessment, interventions, analysis of interventions, experimental analysis, and interpreting outcomes.


SPED 574 Data-based Instruction, 3 credits.
This course covers models of behavior change procedures including discrete trial training and precision teaching, system support, and system support.


SPED 593 Autism: Characteristics and Intervention, 3 credits.
This is a specialty course that provides an opportunity to learn specific techniques aimed at the care and treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.


SPED 593 Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 3 credits
New to our BACB approved courses in 2012, this course will address ethical, legal, and professional issues in the field of behavior analysis.


SPED 502 Research in Special Programs (single-case), 3 credits.
Students develop skills in research design, planning, and interpretation of published studies focusing on single-case methods.


SPED 590 Internship: A.B.A. Intensive Practicum, 5 credits.
This course meets the supervision needs of those students preparing for the BACB Exam. Students may need two or three semesters of this internship to meet requirements. The intensive practicum is arranged individually between the graduate student and faculty, and is available for distance students.


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