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2017-2018 Graduate Studies Course Descriptions

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SPED ― Special Education

COE 261, (406) 657-2315


SPED 502 Research in Special Programs

3 cr. Offered ONLY Online. Focuses on applied research designs and methodologies, scientific inquiry, general procedures in single-case research, and research ethics.  Methods will focus on behavior assessment and intervention, experimental evaluation, measurement, and interpretation of data.

SPED 503 Assistive Technology

3 cr. Offered ONLY Online. (even F)  Introduces a broad range of assistive technology devices and services including low tech and high tech options and integrating assistive technology into educational settings.


SPED 504 Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

3 cr. Offered ONLY Online. (F)  Examines a collaborative approach to providing academic supports to learners in a multi-tiered model.  Reviews sources of scientifically based instructional strategies; process monitoring techniques; and the partnership between general education teachers, special education teachers, and parents.


SPED 510 Professional and Legal Issues in Special Education

3 cr. (Sp)  Focuses on current professional issues in special education.  Current literature, legal decisions and research will be discussed.


SPED 515 Ethics in Education and Human Services

3 cr. Prerequisite: admission to graduate studies. Offered ONLY Online.(even Su)  Provides an overview of topics such as special education law and policies, duties to refer potential clients, data ownership and sharing, bias and fraud in data collection and analysis, scientific communication, professional communication, publication authorship, duplicate or fragmented publication, plagiarism, conflicts of interest, reporting misconduct, vita preparation, and job search strategies.


SPED 520 Applied Behavior Analysis

3 cr. Prerequisite: admission to graduate studies. Offered ONLY Online. (Su)  Applies behavior analytic procedures and processes to the understanding of behavior.  Topics include ethical considerations for behavior analysts; definitions, characteristics and principles of behavior; and processes and concepts of behavior modification.


SPED 521 Models of Early Intervention Services (crosslisted with EC 521)

3 cr.  Focuses on the identification of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with special needs and the delivery of early intervention services.


SPED 526 Special Education Interventions and Adaptations for Children (0-6) (crosslisted with EC 526)

3 cr.  Focuses on teaching strategies and adaptations for young children with special needs, with an emphasis on communication strategies.

SPED 530 Curricular Adaptations for Special Populations

3 cr. (Sp)  Examines research-based practices used in making accommodations and providing access for students with disabilities to the general curriculum.


SPED 540 Education of Exceptional Learners

3 cr. (F, Sp, Su)  Emphasizes the expanded role of special education to serve as a resource for all teachers and all students, including those with special learning needs.  Consideration of current laws and regulations governing special education as well as the provision of special education in the context of regular education.


SPED 543 Supporting Families of Persons with Disabilities

3 cr.  Familiarizes students with the growth patterns and adaptations of families which have a member with a disability.  Also includes information about the grieving process, stresses on families, coping strategies, and reactions of parents, siblings and extended family members.  Students explore effective methods for providing information and support to families of children with disabilities.


SPED 550 Best Practices in Teaching Students with Emotional Disturbance

3 cr. Offered ONLY Online.  Reviews the current literature and recommended instructional strategies and resources for teaching students with emotional disturbance.


SPED 551 Assessment and Program Planning for Special Populations

3 cr. Offered ONLY Online. (odd F)  Examines assessment techniques applicable to the range of students with disabilities.  Students will develop program plans and teaching techniques which they will carry out in natural settings.


SPED 555 Models for Services to ED/BD Students

3 cr.  Investigates the continuum of services for children and youth with EB/BD, including school-based, community, mental health, residential, and wrap-around services.


SPED 560 Best Practices in Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

3 cr. Offered ONLY Online.  Reviews the current literature and recommended instructional strategies and resources for teaching students with learning disabilities.

SPED 570 Best Practices in Teaching Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

3 cr. Offered ONLY Online.  Reviews the current literature and recommended instructional strategies and resources for teaching students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


SPED 572 Community Integration for Persons with Severe Disabilities

3 cr.  Explores current areas within which children with severe disabilities are being integrated into their communities.  At a minimum, this course will address the areas of school, work, home and recreation.


SPED 574 Data-Based Instruction

3 cr. (even Sp)  Focuses on data-based instruction techniques such as discrete trial training, precision teaching, and verbal behavior methods.

SPED 580 Autism Spectrum Disorders:  Characteristics and Interventions

3cr. Prerequisite: admission to graduate studies. Offered ONLY Online. (odd Sp)  Examines unique characteristics of individuals with autism from diagnosis through skill development by intensive and naturalistic teaching methods.  Established treatments will be highlighted.


SPED 582 Issues: Special Education Supervision

2 cr. (F)  Deals with issues related to professional practice.  Students are concurrently involved in mentoring/field experiences related to the issues being discussed.  Valid criminal background check required.


SPED 584 Student Teaching

6 cr. Prerequisite: Completion of coursework.  Places the student in a supervised field experience in a special education P-12 setting that allows the student to demonstrate teaching skills in the classroom with a variety of learners.  Students, in collaboration with the mentoring teacher, engage students in learning and participate in related experiences associated with the teaching profession.  On-site mentoring and university supervision are integral to this experience.  Lab fee required.  Valid Criminal background check required.


SPED 586 Conceptual Issues in Radical Behaviorism

3 cr. Offered ONLY Online. (Sp)  Examines Skinner’s writings as primary sources for understanding determinism, private events, and cultural design.


SPED 589 Professional Development

V1-3 cr.  Designated course number for professional development credit bearing courses offered by Extended Campus.  These credits do not count toward any degree at MSU Billings.


SPED 590 Internship

V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Approved internship application. (F, Sp)  Provides experience in a special education setting.  Lab fee required.  Valid Criminal background check required.


SPED 591 Independent Study

V1-6 cr. Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor, approval of the department chairperson and the Dean of Education, and Independent Study contract filed with the Office of Graduate Studies.  Provides an opportunity for students of superior academic standing to explore material not covered by regular graduate courses in Special Education.


SPED 592 Seminar

V1-6 cr.  Provides an opportunity to investigate topics at the advanced level pertinent to the area of Special Education.


SPED 593 Workshop

V1-6 cr. (Su)  Provides an opportunity for experimental study at the advanced level in an area of Special Education.


SPED 594 Clinic

V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.  Provides an opportunity to explore and develop advanced skills in working with individuals in Special Education settings.  Lab fee required.  Valid Criminal background check required.


SPED 597 Professional Seminar in Special Education

3 cr.  Investigates recent (last 3 years) trends and issues within the field of study as evidenced by periodicals or other literature sources.  This is an exit course that requires the integration and synthesis of knowledge and experiences developed through the graduate program.


SPED 599 Thesis

6 cr. Prerequisites: EDF 501 or equivalent and an approved plan of study required.  This course may be given the grade of “T” until research and writing is completed and accepted within the time limit of the degree.


SPED 600 Facilitating Positive Behaviors in the Classroom Environment

3 cr. (F)  Examines and evaluates historical and current models for facilitating positive behaviors in the school setting.  Techniques will also be explored for dealing with challenging behaviors.

SPED 611 Administration and Supervision of Special Programs (crosslisted with RD 611)

3 cr. (even F)  Focuses on the responsibilities of special program administrators.  Includes issues of legal mandates, funding professional management, curricular considerations and program evaluation.  Provides opportunity to develop a philosophy of leadership and skills for coordination of services across programs.


SPED 612 Colloquium on Special Education Leadership

3 cr. Prerequisites: Enrollment in Doctoral Program at MSU-Bozeman or consent of instructor.  Examines contemporary leadership issues in the field of special education.  Current leaders in the field will participate in the course, either through on-site visits or telecommunications.


SPED 650 Current Practices for Students with Disabilities

3 cr. Offered ONLY Online. (even Sp)  Focuses on current theory and practice in teaching students with learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.


SPED 690 Special Education Supervisory Internship

5 cr. Prerequisite:  SPED 611. (F even years)  Provides future special education directors with experience in the special education director/supervisor role under the mentorship of a practicing professional.


SPED 690 Internship for Doctorate Degree

V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Approved doctoral plan of study and approved internship application.  Provides experience in a responsible appointment as leadership intern in a special education or policy-making position.  Lab fee required.  Valid Criminal background check required.


SPED 691 Directed Readings

V1-3 cr. Prerequisite: Enrollment in Doctoral Program at MSU-Bozeman.  Presents students with the opportunity for inquiry and investigation to extend research and interests initiated through introduction to topics covered in regular courses.