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THTR - Theatre

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* THTR 101 Introduction to Theatre

[formerly  COMT 150 Introduction to Theatre and Performance]

3 cr.  Introduces the student to various aspects of theatre and performance with the goal of enhancing the student’s enjoyment of drama and performance art.  Provides the student with an understanding and an appreciation of the art of theatre.


THTR 102 Introduction to Theatre Design

[formerly COMT 256 Visual Elements of Performance Studies]

3 cr.  Focuses on analysis, design, and construction of the visual/physical aspects of performance.  This class explores creating a physical environment for performance.  Based on traditional theatrical tools (set/lighting design and construction, costumes, makeup), students will also be encouraged to work with video production techniques leading to documentary design options.  Non-traditional tools such as found objects, expanded definitions of performance space, and experimental design processes will also be explored.


* THTR 120 Introduction to Acting I

[formerly COMT 250 Introduction to Acting]

3 cr.  Uses theatre games and scripted material to introduce the student to basic concepts of the art of acting.  Helps the student to develop an appreciation for the art of acting both from the point of view of the audience and the performer.

THTR 205 Theatre Workshop II

[formerly COMT 293 Workshop]

V1-5 cr. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.  Provides an opportunity for experimental study in an area of Communication and Theatre.


THTR 302 Theatre Design and Technology

[formerly COMT 356 Theatre Design and Technology]

3 cr. Prerequisite: THTR 102.  Refines communication through the media of lighting, sound, and scenic design.  This course allows the student to learn the steps through which to execute a stage design.  Students will explore different design strategies and apply theoretical models to theatrical and/or media productions.


THTR 305 Theatre Workshop III

[formerly COMT 493 Workshop]

V1-5 cr. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.  Provides an opportunity for experimental study in areas Communication and Theatre.


THTR 375 Directing I

[formerly COMT 358 Directing]

3 cr. Prerequisite: COMX 200, THTR 120or consent of department chair.  Provides a guided study in interpreting and directing the play with work in developing a written concept and staging a portion of material based on that concept.  It is also intended to help each student with individual rehearsal problems.