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ERTH - Geoscience: Earth Systems

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ERTH 202 Montana’s Geological Environment

[formerly EASC 201 Montana:  Its Geological Environment]

3 cr.  Examines the geological evolution of Montana utilizing a regional approach.  Considers Montana’s resources and the roles that they have played in the historical development of the state’s past, present and future.  Field trips required.

ERTH 303 Weather and Climate

[formerly EASC 220 Meteorology]

4 cr. (Lec. 3; Lab 1). (even S)  Presents a semi-technical approach to the elements and controls of weather.  Lab required.


ERTH 401 Geologic Field Methods

[formerly EASC 440 Geologic Field Methods]

4 cr. Prerequisite: GEO 309 and consent of instructor. (even F)  Presents the techniques used by the geologist to conduct field surveys.  Standard geologic surveying equipment will be utilized by the student to conduct an investigation and prepare a geological map of an area of moderately complex structure.  Extensive field work required.

ERTH 491 Special Topics

V1-12 cr. Prerequisite: determined as needed. (offered as needed)  Provides students with an opportunity to take courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular need, or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand before requesting a regular course number.


ERTH 494 Seminar/Workshop

[formerly EASC 492 Seminar/EASC 493 Workshop]

V1-3 cr. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.  Provides advanced students an opportunity to intensively investigate topics pertinent to the field of Earth Sciences.


ERTH 498 Internship/Cooperative Education

[formerly EASC 490 Internship/EASC 496 Cooperative Education]

1 cr. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.  Provides instructional experience in the Earth Sciences program with an opportunity for early exploration of teaching interests.