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BFIN - Business Finance

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BFIN 267 Real Estate Theory and Law

[formerly FIN 276 Real Estate]

3 cr. Prerequisite: ECNS 201 or consent of department.  Real estate principles as they apply to appraisal of residential, commercial, and industrial property; to sales of real estate; to leasing and management of property; and to subdividing, developing, and zoning of land.


BFIN 305 Financial Planning

[formerly FIN 305 Financial Planning]

3 cr. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Offered ONLY Online. (Sp, Su)  Organizing and Managing Your Financial Resources, Protecting Your Financial Resources, and Investing and Long-Term Planning.  Provides students of all disciplines with an understanding of the strategies and techniques necessary for analyzing financial situations and investment opportunities from an individual’s perspective.

BFIN 316 Quantitative Methods in Business and Economics

[formerly FIN 316 Quantitative Methods in Business and Economics]

3 cr. Prerequisite: Admission to upper division standing or consent of department chair. (F, Sp)  Focuses on basic quantitative techniques and models used by business, finance, and economic decision makers to make optimum decisions in real world situations.


BFIN 322 Business Finance

[formerly FIN 351 Principles of Financial Management]

3 cr. Prerequisite: Admission to upper division standing or consent of department. (F, Sp, Su)  Treats all forms of business organizations.  Emphasizes control, corporate securities, capital and income management, valuation and capitalization, security markets, and other selected topics.


BFIN 420 Investments

[formerly FIN 451 Investments]

3 cr. Prerequisites: Admission to upper division standing and BFIN 322 or consent of department. (F)  Acquaints students with the characteristics of various types of investment securities, the evaluation of certain risks and rewards associated with investment securities, and an understanding of the principles underlying the selection of a portfolio of investment securities.


BFIN 422 Intermediate Business Finance

[formerly FIN 453 Intermediate Financial Management]

3 cr. Prerequisites: Admission to upper division standing and BFIN 322 or consent of department. (F)  Gives students who are especially interested in finance an opportunity to learn in greater detail subjects covered in BFIN 322 and to study advanced concepts and techniques useful in the financial world by use of real world case analyses.

BFIN 455 Money and Banking

[formerly FIN 352 Money and Banking]

3 cr. Prerequisites: Admission to upper division standing and BFIN 322, or consent of department. (F, Sp)  Covers the mechanics of financial markets, the impact of fiscal and monetary policies, banking and financial institutions and instruments used by business and government, the relationships between interest rates, security prices, risk, exchange rates and world financial markets.


BFIN 460 Futures and Options

[formerly FIN 452 Futures and Options]

3 cr. Prerequisites: BFIN 322, BFIN 455, BFIN 420 or consent of department. (Sp)  Provides an introduction to derivative securities, their markets and the relation to the markets for real and financial assets.  Focuses on the trading and valuation of futures, options and swaps; their uses and misuses; and their role in financial risk management.


BFIN 490 Undergraduate Research (crosslisted with ECNS 490)

[formerly FIN/ECON 480 Research in Finance and Economics]

3 cr. Prerequisites: ECNS 300, ECNS 302, ECNS 403 or consent of department.  Combines statistical and econometric techniques with economic and financial theories to conduct rigorous research projects in the areas of economics and finance.  The project is similar to a thesis and is the sole factor used to determine the course grade.


BFIN 492 Independent Study

[formerly FIN 491 Independent Study]

V1-3 cr. Prerequisites: Admission to upper division standing, consent of department, and approval of the College of Business Academic Policy Committee (CBAPC). (F, Sp, Su)  Provides outstanding junior and senior students an opportunity to explore material not covered by regular Finance courses.  Students must complete a Request for Independent Study form and have it approved by CBAPC.


BFIN 494 Seminar/Workshop

[formerly FIN 492 Seminar]

V1-3 cr. Prerequisites: Admission to upper division standing and consent of department. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides advanced students an opportunity to intensively investigate topics pertinent to the field of Finance.