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A degree in Sociology provides a solid foundation for a student to enter into either graduate study or occupation in government, industry or business. For instance, a student can find job opportunities in human services or the criminal and/or juvenile justice related fields. There are two degree programs in Sociology. A Bachelor of Arts degree program orients a student toward graduate study by putting an emphasis on the proficiency of a second language. A Bachelor of Science degree program puts an emphasis on familiarity with Math/Computer Science to prepare a student for entering the labor market right after graduation. Nonetheless, the difference between the two degree programs is only a matter of emphasis, rather than the substance of the program itself.


Regardless of one's special interest, one might wish to emphasize research methods and statistics. Because of the growth of computer use, these two skills are cited as most valuable by sociology graduates employed in non-academic jobs.


Political Science

Courses offered are oriented toward (a) preparing the student for citizenship roles in community and national affairs and providing a coherent knowledge of political and government activities; (b) assisting the student to secure a broad liberal arts and sciences education; (c) providing undergraduate preparation for those students who propose to study at the graduate level; (d) offering general training for students who plan careers in government and public affairs; (e) preparing students for careers in secondary teaching; (f) providing a sound background for those students who intend to enroll in law and other professional schools; (g) providing a useful background for students who wish to work in managment and staff positions in business and industry which have relationships with the public sector, including political journalism.

Environmental Studies Career Opportunities 

Air Quality Planner
Aviation Planner
Civil Engineer
Community Affairs Manager
Ecosystem Restoration Expert
Elementary or Secondary Teacher
Environmental Advocate
Environmental Attorney
Environmental Economist
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Journalist
Environmental Planner
Environmental Planning Consultant
Environmental Quality Analyst

Forest Manager
Geotechnical Engineer
GIS Specialist
Hazardous Waste Engineer
Hazardous Waste Technician
Land Use Planner
Landscape Architect
Medicine Specialist
Museum Educational Staff Member
Natural Resources Manager
Public Information Officer
Recycling Coordinator
Refuge Manager
Urban Advanced Planner