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History Department

The History Department provides a broad general education, an intensive study of History, proficiency in a foreign language, and courses in a selected minor field of study.


Students focus their study in the following two areas: United States History and Global History.


History helps one to learn to read critically, to write carefully and to think problems through to a logical conclusion. History courses offer a basic background of knowledge essential to many professions.


Pre-law students can put their study of the past to good use in their legal work since it entails an examination of past events and the reasons how and why they happened. Business and industry are interested in hiring individuals who have an interest and knowledge in international affairs and cultures. A degree in history serves as preparation and background for management, sales and public relations.

In the area of journalism it is good to remember that newspapers and magazines have backup staffs and research oriented jobs. History provides a perspective and discipline necessary in the world of communication through the printed word, television, radio, films and the theatre. History also provides artists with the understanding of forces and conflicts that molded and influenced the arts.


Government is still the largest employer of all, and since many positions require no specific major, history is a good choice. Whatever students choose as occupations, an interest in the world around them, past and present, is very essential.

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