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Welcome to the Department of English, Philosophy and Modern Languages


Our Department houses three disciplines leading to a variety of majors and minors, and our faculty members are committed teacher-scholars in literature, linguistics, languages, writing, philosophy, and religious studies. The Department also houses MSUB's Writing Program, which serves all undergraduate students, and a graduate program Certificate in Teaching Creative and Expository Writing.


The mission of the undergraduate English Program is to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of the development and aesthetic achievement of literatures in English, including the cultural, linguistic, and historical influences on English, American and world literatures. 


In Philosophy and Religious Studies, the Department provides students with diverse ethical, philosophical, religious and cultural perspectives.


In Modern Languages the Department’s mission is to provide students with critical skills in the use of the Spanish language and familiarity with the cultures and literatures of that language, both Peninsular and Latin American. The Department also offers French, German, and other languages.


Why the Humanities?


The term humanities, broadly defined, refers to the study of human cultures, languages, and systems of meaning and values. Students of the humanities explore the interrelated disciplines of philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, history and language.  In the 21st century, the question - "Why study the humanities?" - has become increasingly important in discussions of higher education, national values, and our networked, global world.


The MSUB Department of English, Philosophy & Modern Languages prepares students to engage in these discussions with historical perspective and an appreciation for complexity, nuance, and difference.  We encourage our undergraduates to develop their own positions and arguments, to articulate them clearly and incisively, and to be leaders in a rapidly changing century.


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Recent News




Summer CRWR 294/494


New experiential creative writing course  with Tami Haaland, Summer 2017!




Ashley Warren


MSUB English faculty member Ashley Warren makes a point during a Free Verse writing class in the Ted Lechner Youth Services Center in Billings [Image: Ed Kemmick/Last Best News]


"Free Verse project gives a voice to kids in detention centers" Ed Kemmick, Last Best News [3.6.17]




Join the French Club, Thursdays 7pm+ in the SUB building at MSUB... only 9 weeks left with our U Strasbourg friends!


French Club




BALA Event 11.7




 "Students Write Letters to the President" story on local station KTVQ, featuring department faculty member Ashley Warren.




Human Resources Internship opportunity with the Bureau of Reclamation [Closes 11.4.16]




First meeting of the French Club at MSUB!


French Club




Billings Gazette article on the Elk River Writing Project, a chapter of the National Writing Project, housed in the Department of English, Philosophy & Modern Languages.



Ashely Warren

Billings Gazette article on faculty member Ashley  Warren's "Letters to the President Project" at the Billings Public Library



Pulitzer Out Loud Continues with Slam-Poetry Writing Workshops

FREE community events at the Billings Public Library



Billings Gazette article on faculty member Ana Diaz's Spring 2016 course: "Ancient Philosophy Comes Alive in MSUB Classroom


Upcoming Courses


Summer 2017


 Summer CRWR 294/494


Fall 2017



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