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Welcome to the Department of English, Philosophy and Modern Languages


Our Department houses three disciplines leading to a variety of majors and minors, and our faculty members are committed teacher-scholars in literature, linguistics, languages, writing, philosophy, and religious studies. The Department also houses MSUB's Writing Program, which serves all undergraduate students, and a graduate program Certificate in Teaching Creative and Expository Writing.


The mission of the undergraduate English Program is to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of the development and aesthetic achievement of literatures in English, including the cultural, linguistic, and historical influences on English, American and world literatures. In Philosophy and Religious Studies, the Department provides students with diverse ethical, philosophical, religious and cultural perspectives. In Modern Languages the Department’s mission is to provide students with critical skills in the use of the Spanish language and familiarity with the cultures and literatures of that language, both Peninsular and Latin American. The Department also offers French, German, and other languages.


Why the Humanities?


The term humanities, broadly defined, refers to the study of human cultures, languages, and systems of meaning and values. Students of the humanities explore the interrelated disciplines of philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, history and language. The MSUB Department of English, Philosophy & Modern Languages prepares students to engage in these disciplines with historical perspective and an appreciation for complexity, nuance, and difference.  We encourage our undergraduates to develop their own positions and arguments, to articulate them clearly and incisively, and to be leaders in a rapidly changing century. See also:


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Departmental News




RLST 170


 Hemingway Course



 Ashley Warren teaches in the Arts Without Boundaries program


 Senior English Major Julia Anderson on her Spring 2017 internship with Arts Without Boundaries:


The Arts Without Boundaries program “made me realize the importance of the arts in schools. Children are getting less and less time with the arts at home and in their education. The importance is focused more on technology because that is what our modern world is using increasingly. The arts have been slowly drifting from education. Programs like Art Without Boundaries are keeping them in the present. It inspires me to continue on with a program like this in the future.”
– Julia Anderson, 17



Alumni News




Laura-Ashlee Twiford teaching at Stream Academy in Anchorage, AK


“I'm currently teaching middle school at Stream Academy, a brand new charter school in Alaska. It's the first year of the charter and my first year teaching, so I am quite tired as well (and not just with grading). I'm the only Language Arts teacher of 77 students with two sections of 6th grade, a section of 7th, and a section of 8th. Oh, and I also teach a social dance elective. Whew! 


All things considered, I really do love middle school. It took me a while to calibrate, but they are really delightful. 


I've decided that I really should do better with keeping in touch with everyone from the English Department. There's something about being a part of something so meaningful for such a short period of time that makes me sad and proud at the same time.”


- Laura-Ashlee Twiford, ‘16






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