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If a department plans to pay for food or light refreshments and the cost will exceed $30.00, a Hospitality Form must be completed and approved prior to the time the expense is incurred. STATE FUNDS CANNOT BE USED TO PURCHASE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.


Policy and Procedures On Campus Entertainment

  • University policy prohibits expenditure of funds for food or entertainment except for educational expenses including workshops, seminars and conferences where the food is included as part of the cost.  Also exempt are student government, certain grants, agency, residence hall and other fund accounts with prior approval from Vice Chancellors or Dean of Academic & Student Support.  Agency funds do not require hospitality approval form.

  • To be reimbursable, food or entertainment expenses which exceed and aggregate $30.00 must be approved prior to the event.

  • Expenses relating to recruitment of prospective students are not considered entertainment and are not included in this policy.  These expenses are part of a unit's normal function and as such may be approved by the appropriate department chair, director or dean.  Hospitality forms are not required for recruitment expenditures.

  • Grant and contract funds may be expended only if specifically authorized in the grant or contract, and only to the extent and for the purpose(s) authorized by the grant or contract.

  • The Business Office may not honor reimbursement requests not accompanied by the hospitality approval form when the amount request exceeds $30.00.

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