Be Money Smart

MSUB Financial Education

MSU Billings is committed to providing financial education services and resources to assist students of diverse ages and backgrounds in achieving their financial, academic, career, and life goals.

MSU Billings encourages you and your family to learn more about the money you borrow and the money you spend.  MSUB – Be Money Smart is part of the Montana University System Financial Literacy Program and is funded through a federal grant administered by the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) within the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education. Our objective is to provide information and resources. It is the responsibility of the user to check references and facts prior to making use of the information. We do not endorse or sell any outside financial products or services and we recommend you seek professional assistance with any major financial decision.

Be Money Smart

Financial Coaching

Financial fitness is essential to success in life.  MSUB provides financial education resources for both traditional college students and adult learners. Whether you know a lot or a little about managing money, we have information and resources to help get on track with your financial success! Click on the button for more information or to request a Financial Coaching session.

Be Money Smart

Money Management 101 – Would you pass this class?

If A is for Accounts, B is for Budget, C is for Credit, and D is for Debt… are you financially literate? Request a Financial Success Coaching session or click the button to access money management tools.

Be Money Smart

Understand Financial Aid

Do you want help filing a FAFSA or applying for scholarships? Do you need help deciphering terms such as “Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan”? Do you qualify for Work Study but have no idea what it is? Did you finish with school and don’t understand loan repayment? Get Financial Success Coaching or click the button for more resources.

Be Money Smart

Use MSUB Campus Resources

MSUB offers many free or low-cost services to students. Are you taking advantage of them? Click on the button for links to campus resources that can help you with finances, career, health, and academic success. Make the most out of your investment in your education.


Be Money Smart! Play an active role in your financial future.