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What is CRLA?


The College Reading and Learning Association is one of the leading tutor certification organizations in the country.  The Academic Support Center has been certified by the CRLA to train and certify tutors since 2005.  CRLA’s International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) sets the bar for rigorous training of tutors.


What is CRLA Training?


CRLA training  is delivered through a series of one-hour class meetings in a given semester.  In addition to class meetings, tutors complete outside work, supervised tutoring sessions, session modeling, self-evaluations, and training in specialized topics, such as  conducting productive tutoring sessions, international student needs, and Socratic questioning methods.


*Level 1 consists of four group meetings, including a three-hour orientation.


*Level 2 consists of four group meetings, including a two-hour orientation.


Interested in learning more about CRLA?


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